Top 10 Techniques | Microsoft Advanced Excel Certifications

Top 10 Techniques | Microsoft Advanced Excel Certifications

Post on : May 12, 2022

Excel has its auto-functional operation method to calculate the expanded reports and so you, need to choose the best advanced excel course programs to get the best guidance in building the best career. 

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Microsoft Excel is a Microsoft spreadsheet application for users to execute the functions – pivot tools, graphic tools, macro programming language, calculations, and many more. 

Basic of excel:

Some basics suggested you become familiar with if you’re just starting with Excel. These things are like:

  • Creating a new spreadsheet.
  • Writing and formatting column text and titles.
  • Using Excel’s auto-fill features.
  • Adding or deleting single columns, rows, and spreadsheets.
  • Keeping column and row titles visible as you scroll past them in a spreadsheet, so that you know what data you’re filling in as you move further down the document.
  • Sorting your data in alphabetical order.

What is excel used for?

What is Excel used for? Excel provides the ability to calculate, organize, and evaluate quantitative data, allowing managers and staff to have the information they need to make important decisions.

Excel is used for creating reports & business’ data because of its computational powers. It allows accountants to automatically see sums, averages, and totals thus, You’ll find this software in accounting offices and teams.

While Excel is an accounting tool, professionals can use its features and formulas in any field — especially marketers, because it can be used for tracking data. Excel typically has a shortcut that speeds up any process.

How to use Excel?

For effective use of Excel, you just need to input data into the rows & columns and using excel formulas & functions get the insight result of day-to-day excel results – 

  • Documents you can create in Excel:

Income statement, balance sheet, calendar, marketing budgets, marketing reports – any type of business reports you can make in excel. Using the extensive list of excel templates one can create business budgeting, marketing reports, invoices, etc.

  • Excel formulas:

Get overwhelmed by the broad range of excel formulas that you can get access to and know with excel certification courses, basic to complex – excel formulas gives you the path to reach the final results – 

  1. Equal sign
  2. Addition
  3. Subtraction
  4. Multiplication
  5. Division, and more.
  • Excel functions:

Automate the tasks using excel formulas. Instead of using + sign or any other excel formulas get a quick result of your complex task with excel functions or automated calculation – 

  1. SUM
  2. Average
  3. IF 
  4. Index
  5. VLookup
  6. COUNTIF, and more.

Excel certification course: 

All over the globe, there are various job opportunities to acquire excellent skills and experiences. Thus, the effectiveness of empowering the most popular tool used for every business today – hence, it makes sense to join an advanced excel course to have guidance to become an expert in using this spreadsheet accordingly!

The 18+hours of advanced excel certification course give one a broad range of excel skills from the expert-led institute with the functional knowledge of  –

  • Advanced Number Formatting
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting
  • Match & Index
  • Financial Functions
  • Array Formulas
  • PowerPivot
  • Power View
  • Power Map/Query
  • Macro, and more.

As excel-training is going up these days – one can go through the short-term courses of filling up the basic excel knowledge with Microsoft excel certification courses in 2022.

ICA Edu Skills – the best job-guaranteed accounting institute provides you with the most demanding Advanced Excel Course online along with classroom facility through the Certified Industrial Accountant Plus (CIA+) course along with a short term Microsoft Office course modular –  to experience the best practical knowledge with real-time case studies.

Benefits of Microsoft advanced excel certification:

Every company wants to evolve and stay forward in this competitive world. By providing the talented candidates with the continuing education they need to be as effective as they wish to be, they can improve retention, lowering employee turnover, as well the solution to beat the competitors.

The certifications give a broad range of educational knowledge in accordance to showcase your talent to the recruiter to get selected for the progressive workplace.

Let’s take a deeper look at the advantages of Excel Certification:

excel certification

  • Sharpening skills:

Several critical skills through advanced Excel training can be utilized in almost any position in an organization. you should be able to:

  1. Visualize, manipulate, and evaluate the data.
  2. Creating equations with excel functions and formulas to get a simple company – report, workflow, project efficiency, financial projections, and levels and usage of inventory.
  3. Create an easy & Up-to-date set of data that can be used to analyze current projects or situations.
  4. Design spreadsheets that organize data and provide a better picture of the input.
  • Improve efficiency 

Excel is the tool that can speed up your efficiency and productivity. Knowing advanced Excel allows one to do your calculations. Repetitive calculations – when you double-check your work, take more time.

Excel tools can make more complex calculations easier by using the formula and setting the right command, it will perform to complete the calculations reducing the time & ensuring you have accurate data.

  • Make you Job-ready:

Featuring several shortcuts in excel, enable the faster and more complicated work by Excel strategies to be used across the entire products of Microsoft Office. You will get an effective result, after becoming proficient in working with excel.

Top 10 techniques you can learn through the Microsoft excel certification:

We will go through the best practices of top 10  techniques one can know through learning the Microsoft excel certification

  • Use of Pivot tables to recognize the data:

Pivot tables are used to identify the data in a spreadsheet. Without changing any data, one can sum up and compare different value information in excel work. Automated Pivot Table can always change the order of the data you give. Mostly used four options for changing data are – 

  1. Report Filter
  2. Column Labels
  3. Row Labels
  4. Value
  • Adding more than one row & column:

Sometimes, you may add or escalate the rows & columns. Following the excel process, the highlighted rows or columns you can optimize as you want. 

  • Simplify the data using a filter:

Sometimes you need to simplify the large numbers of data with criteria. Filters allow you to scale your data to look at certain activities one time. Filter in excel can be added to columns – from there, you can then choose which cells of your data you want to view.

  • Removing duplicate data or sets:

A larger data set has the chance of finding duplicate data. This excel certification course gives one the access to remove the duplicates. 

  • Transpose Rows into columns:

When you have rows of data in your spreadsheet, you might decide you want to transform the items in one of those rows into columns. Highlighting the column you want to transpose into rows in the spreadsheet effectively with allowing the process. 

  • Split up texts between columns:

Thanks to Excel, both are possible – highlight the column that you want to split up. And next, go to the Data tab and select “Text to Columns.” A module will appear with additional information.

Introduction to the top 10 techniques & the fundamentals of Microsoft Advanced Excel Certifications!

  • Using formulas:

Excel can help you do simple arithmetic like adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing any of your data – in addition, to computing the complex data ranges. 

  1. Equal sign
  2. Addition
  3. Subtraction
  4. Multiplication
  5. Division, and more.
  • Use conditional formatting:

Conditional formatting gives you the access to change a cell’s color based on the information within the cell. You can do the color code commonalities between different rows in Excel. 

  • Using the effective Excel Formulas:

Sometimes we need to execute the complex calculation in a simple & right way. Automate the tasks using excel formulas. Instead of using + sign or any other excel formulas get a quick result of your complex task with excel functions or automated calculation – 

  1. SUM
  2. Average
  3. IF 
  4. Index
  5. VLookup
  6. COUNTIF, and more.
  • Use of VLOOKUP:

Using the VLOOKUP formula to pull data from one place to another within a sheet is easy and effective in the Microsoft Excel program. Be sure that you have at least one column that appears identically in both places. Scour your data sets to make sure the column of data you’re using to combine your information is the same, including no extra spaces.


Excel is helpful for everyone – whether you are a working professional, a homemaker, or an analytics. Taking advantage of the Microsoft Excel Certification Course, open the door to various opportunities. Make a clear vision to adopt the skills properly. Join the best professional training institution accordingly for more training on  Advanced Excel Course Online in 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 5 more powerful excel functions that help one to work efficiently like – SUM Function, Text Function, VLOOKUP Function, CONCATENATE Function, and Average Function.

Microsoft Excel is a Microsoft spreadsheet application for users to execute the functions – pivot tools, graphic tools, macro programming language, calculations, and many more.

Advanced Number Formatting, Advanced Conditional Formatting, Match & Index, Financial Functions, Array Formulas, PowerPivot, Power View, Power Map/Query, Macro, and more.

Yes, the potential of excel working is growing increasingly. So, the Excel skill demand is also increasing while the basic to intermediate level jobs need to execute the program with knowing the excel skills.

Knowing the advanced excel skills can be a blessing for your career. The skills one should learn in excel to impress the recruiter are – Pivot table, Conditional formatting, graphics & Charts, Advanced formulas and functions, Macro, etc.

Find the 4 excel skills that can help to be a professional –

Pivot table, Vlookup formula, Text to columns, remove duplicates

Understanding excel at an advanced level it can be useful for one to get a better knowledge of joining a Microsoft workplace. Advanced excel knowledge gives you comprehensive knowledge to quickly analyze and make a quick decision with an up-to-date workflow process.

Excel has a huge growing possibility these days. So choosing a career and getting a job after completing the excel course make someone more confident to crack the job opportunities.

Microsoft excel is a common application used by most companies for basic usage.  So, bumping into the spreadsheet knowledge, there are various job opportunities in several areas like – financial analysts, Administrative, retail store managers, data journalists, business analysts, etc.

Excel has mainly been used in 3 categories – Basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of Excel skills.

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