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Level up your accounting knowledge with TallyPrime v3.0 with GST! This Tally GST Course with enhanced GST management, flexible tax rates, and multi-GST company support helps you to keep ahead in the job competition. This course also guides you through every feature from inventory control to payroll processing. Say goodbye to accounting anxieties and hello to confident financial management – this combo is your key to future success!

Course Objectives

This comprehensive Tally Prime course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to manage your business finances efficiently and navigate the complexities of the Indian Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime.

  • Company setup and configuration
  • Cost center and cost category management
  • Accounting fundamentals and transaction recording
  • Inventory management and stock tracking
  • Bill of Materials for manufacturing operations
  • Purchase and sales cycle management
  • In-depth understanding of GST concepts and rules
  • GST integration in Tally Prime for tax calculations and returns
  • TDS, PF, ESI, and payroll management
  • Data security and backup practices
  • Financial reporting and analysis

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course. However, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of accounting concepts.

Who Should Enroll in Tally Prime Course?

This Tally Prime Course is ideal for:

  • Student aspiring to build a career in accounting and finance
  • Accounting professional seeking to upskill and stay ahead of the curve
  • Business owner looking to streamline operations and ensure GST compliance

How Tally Prime Training Classes Works?

Up-to-Date Advanced Excel Syllabus
Up-to-Date Tally Syllabus

Ammended Tally course modules to keep you on track with the industry

Get Hands on Experience
Get Hands on Experience

With our real-life project made by industry experts and academia

Get Doubts Cleared
Get Doubts Cleared

Our academia & trainers are always here to help you get your doubts solved

Test Your Knowledge
Test Your Knowledge

With our Learnersmall App, you can test your concepts with assignments and quizzes

Sit for the Final Exam
Sit for the Final Exam

Your training will be completed once you take the final exam

Get Industry Recognized Certification
Get Industry Recognized Certification

You will be certified in Certified Tally Professional by ICA Edu Skills and NSDC.

What to expect with Tally GST Course?

Upon completion of Tally Prime GST course, you will be able to:

  • Manage accounts efficiently and accurately
  • Navigate GST complexities with confidence
  • File GST returns timely and correctly
  • Handle TDS, PF, ESI, and payroll compliance
  • Generate insightful reports for informed decision-making
  • Safeguard your business data

Why do Tally GST Course from ICA Edu Skills?

SAP Certified Training TallyPrime V3.0 with GST
Interactive Classes Interactive Classes
90% Practical + 10% Theory 90% Practical + 10% Theory
Real Life Projects Real Life Projects
Mock Interviews Mock Interviews
100% Job Assurance 100% Job Assurance

Tally GST Certification

At ICA Edu Skills, India’s No. 1 Training and Skill Development Institute, we specialize in job-oriented courses to make you industry-ready. We insure the careers of the Indian Youth by combining learning with the best-in-class practical training at the most affordable fees possible. This Tally Prime GST Course is jointly certified with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), and ICA Edu Skills Pvt. Ltd.

Tally GST Course Certificate
  • Create and set up files under TallyPrime
  • Create ledgers and groups with a complete understanding of accounts and tax
  • Pass journal entries and create reports and analysis online.
  • Infer tax implications for Income Tax, TDS and GST within transactions.
  • Other practical approaches of advanced Tally courses in India
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Understand the fundamentals of Tally Prime software.
  • Set up your company profile, including address, financial year, and currency.
  • Configure various masters like groups, ledgers, vouchers, and stock items.
  • Learn essential data maintenance practices for accurate record-keeping.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Track business expenses efficiently by setting up cost centers and cost categories.
  • Allocate expenditures accurately to different departments or projects.
  • Generate detailed reports to analyze cost drivers and optimize performance.
4 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Master the basics of double-entry accounting principles.
  • Record various business transactions like purchases, sales, receipts, and payments.
  • Reconcile bank statements and maintain journal entries for complete financial picture.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Control your stock levels effectively by setting up items, units, and inventory locations.
  • Track purchases, sales, and adjustments, and generate real-time stock reports.
  • Utilize features like purchase orders, invoices, and delivery challans for seamless inventory flow.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Define the components required for production in a Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • Track material consumption and update inventory levels during production.
  • Manage costs and optimize production processes with efficient BOM management.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Streamline your purchasing process with purchase orders, quotations, and vendor bills.
  • Manage sales effectively with sales orders, invoices, and delivery challans.
  • Apply appropriate GST rates and track tax liabilities at every stage.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Understand the key concepts of GST, including taxable supplies, exemptions, and rate structures.
  • Learn about Input Tax Credit (ITC) mechanism and its impact on your business.
  • Stay updated on the latest GST rules and regulations.
4 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Configure your GST settings in Tally Prime for accurate tax calculations.
  • Generate GST returns (GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, etc.) directly from the software.
  • Manage e-way bills and ensure smooth transportation of goods.
4 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Understand the different types of GST returns applicable to your business.
  • Learn how to prepare and file returns accurately and timely through Tally Prime.
  • Avoid penalties and compliance issues with efficient return filing practices.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Understand how TDS works and identify situations where it is applicable.
  • Configure TDS settings in Tally Prime and deduct tax at source from payments.
  • File TDS returns and reconcile TDS liabilities effectively.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Set up employee Provident Fund (PF) accounts and contributions in Tally Prime.
  • Calculate PF deductions and deposits accurately.
  • Generate PF reports and comply with PF regulations seamlessly.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Learn how to regularly backup your Tally Prime data for disaster recovery.
  • Restore your data efficiently in case of any technical issues or data loss.
  • Maintain data security and integrity for peace of mind.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Understand the Employee's State Insurance (ESI) scheme and its applicability.
  • Calculate ESI contributions and deductions accurately in Tally Prime.
  • Generate ESI reports and comply with ESI regulations efficiently.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Master the essentials of payroll processing in Tally Prime.
  • Configure employee profiles, salaries, and deductions.
  • Generate payslips, calculate taxes, and manage compliance requirements.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Set up user accounts and define role-based access permissions for data security.
  • Maintain audit trails and monitor user activities for transparency.
  • Implement data encryption and backup routines for enhanced security.
3 Hours 1 Lecture
Lecture 1 :

Module Benefit

  • Access a wide range of reports in Tally Prime for various aspects of your business.
  • Analyze financial performance, inventory levels, GST liabilities, and other key metrics.
  • Use reports to make informed business decisions and identify areas for improvement.
Student Placement

Connecting Talent with Job Opportunities

Student Swastika placement in Tally Prime GST Course in Hyderabad-Ameerpet


Studied From : Hyderabad-Ameerpet

Placed At: Aarya Architecture Solutions

Joining Salary: 18,000

Student Ankan Bandyopadhyay placement in Tally Prime GST Course in Chandannagar

Ankan Bandyopadhyay

Studied From : Chandannagar

Placed At: EMC Ltd.

Joining Salary: 15,000

Student Akanksha Dubey placement in Tally Prime GST Course in Howrah

Akanksha Dubey

Studied From : Howrah

Placed At: PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd.

Joining Salary: 21,000

Student Sangita Shee placement in Tally Prime GST Course in Dunlop

Sangita Shee

Studied From : Dunlop

Placed At: Embryo Group or Companies

Joining Salary: 15,000

Student Kuldip Kaur placement in Tally Prime GST Course in Dhanbad (City Centre)

Kuldip Kaur

Studied From : Dhanbad (City Centre)

Placed At: Bharat Sales Corporation

Joining Salary: 17,000

Student Kushal Kumar placement in Tally Prime GST Course in Gurgaon (Old DLF Colony)

Kushal Kumar

Studied From : Gurgaon (Old DLF Colony)

Placed At: Salwan Public School

Joining Salary: 25,000

Student Komal Chowdhary placement in Tally Prime GST Course in Ahmedabad

Komal Chowdhary

Studied From : Ahmedabad

Placed At: PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd.

Joining Salary: 21,000

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"ICA gave me a golden opportunity to work abroad. After completing the CIA course in Accounts and Finance, I am working in one of the most reputed travel agencies in Kenya..."

Khalid Rehman Multinational Travel Agency in Kenya

"Before joining ICA, I had zero confidence level. Thanks to rigorous mock interview sessions I was able to crack all the interview rounds and today my dream to work in an MNC came true..."

Debankit Dey Placed at PWC

"I always heard from people that ICA is the best institute to get trained and placed as an Accounts & Finance professional. Today I earnestly advise other accounting aspirants to join here and kickstart their career in this field..."

Iftasham Islam Accountant Manager

"Enrolling in ICA course has been a turning point in my professional journey. The course material is comprehensive, covering all the essential topics. Faculty members are industry experts provide practical insights..."

Bitoo Kumar Singh Accountant Manager

"After completing my PG in 2020, I wanted a job but I was not getting any. Then I heard about ICA, I enrolled there and prepared myself accordingly. I got a job in an Accounts Firm before completing my CIA course. Many thanks to ICA..."

Rishav Accountant Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, many GST training programs include practical sessions on using accounting software like Tally for GST compliance, helping you gain hands-on experience.

Tally is an accounting software widely used for financial management. Learning Tally can enhance your accounting skills and career prospects in finance-related roles. At ICA, you will learn TallyPrime Release 3.0, the most advanced version of Tally.

While prior accounting knowledge can be helpful, most Tally courses start with the basics, making it accessible even for beginners.

The course covers various aspects, including creating ledgers, managing inventory, generating financial reports, handling taxation, and using TallyPrime software effectively.

Absolutely! Tally is user-friendly and beneficial for individuals across various domains who need to manage finances.

Completing a Tally course can open opportunities in accounting, finance, audit, taxation, and administrative roles across industries.

TallyPrime offers a more modern and user-friendly interface with improved features.

Yes, we cover advanced topics like GST updates, tax changes, and other relevant industry developments.

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