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Data Engineering Course is one of the most in-demand career options in today's world. Data Engineering is the process of turning unprocessed data into useful knowledge.

With the introduction and accessibility of data in our daily lives, it is a crucial procedure for businesses that wish to make data-driven decisions, and its significance is growing.

Course Objective

  • Become a master of Microsoft Excel.
  • Gain proficiency in data analysis by learning statistics.
  • Learn the art of Structured Query Language (SQL) which helps you to handle structured data.
  • Boost your confidence by learning basic programming and API.
  • Scale up your knowledge skill with the concept of big data.
  • Get in-depth insights into big data management.
  • Keep yourself workplace-ready by working on a big data analytics project.
  • Learn the skills of data warehousing and data lake and stay one step ahead.


Anyone can join data engineering classes after completing the 12th grade. It is good to have some basic knowledge, but it’s not mandatory for enrollment.

Why Data Engineering Certification?

  • Get Hired Faster: Certification will validate your skills to employers and increase the chances of getting hired.
  • Land Better Jobs: Industry-recognized certification helps you to get better jobs with a high pay scale.
  • Boost Your Career: Become a certified professional per the industry demand and open doors to new opportunities.
  • Stay Relevant: Data engineering course certifications are equipped with the latest tools and trends that the industry currently needs in data engineers.
  • Bridge the Gap: Certification allows you to work on live projects and fill the gaps between your studies and real-world jobs.

Why do Data Engineering Training from ICA Edu Skills?

The experience and expertise of 25 Years will equip students with industry-relevant skills and knowledge. Explore What the ICA Data Engineering course will offer:

NSDC Certified Training NSDC Certified Training
IOA UK Certified IOA UK Certified
Real-Life Projects Real-Life Projects
Group Discussion Group Discussion
Mock Interviews Mock Interviews
100% Job Assistance 100% Job Assistance

Skills Covered

Data Analysis in Excel Data Visualization Hypotheses Testing
SQL Database API – Hands-on Experience Data Structure and Algorithm
Hadoop Framework Apache Cassandra and No SQL Data Management
Big Data Analytics Real-Time Data Processing Data Injection
Data Transformation Advanced Cloud Data warehouses Data Protection

Tools Covered

r language

Industry Projects

The Data Engineering Course will give you hands-on practical experience by furnishing you with industry projects. These skills will make you ready to deal with workplace challenges.

Projects include Recommendation Engine, Chat Bot, Marketing Analytics, Retail Analytics, Finance Analytics, HR Analytics, Health Care Analytics, Sports Analytics etc.

Who Should Enroll in the Data Engineering Course?

  • Want to switch careers?: Anyone with a technical background and looking to switch careers, can enroll in a data engineering course.
  • Just graduated?: Have you completed your graduation recently and are interested in becoming a data engineer? This course perfectly fits your career aspiration and helps you to follow your passion for data.
  • Already in tech?: Already serving in the technical field, the data engineering course boosts your skills and helps you become a data engineering pro!

What You Will Master in the Certificate Course On Data Engineering

  • Microsoft Excel: Achieve Excel mastery by learning basic Excel and advanced Excel formulas that supercharge your data visualization and analysis skills.
  • Statistics: Statistics concepts like charts, graphs, Hypothesis Testing, their types, and errors will accelerate your career path in the right direction with the right skill sets.
  • SQL: From installing to handling basic commands on SQL to the database example, everything will be covered in the data engineering class.
  • Basic Programming and API: The data engineering class will train you in basic programming, data management, and practical training on handling APIs.
  • Big Data: The data engineering course will focus on the big data framework, concepts of Hadoop, SPARK, SCALA, HDFS, data structure, and algorithms.
  • Big Data Management: Certification will set your skills on Apache Cassandra and No SQL, Relational and non-relational databases.
  • Big Data Analytics Project: The course will set you apart from others by providing you with practical knowledge of Hive, H-Base, YARN, APACHE AMBARI, KAFKA, and more.
  • Cloud Data Warehousing and Data Lake: Gain expertise with the course on cloud data warehouses, data lakes using SPRAK, data injection, and more by working practically on projects.

Data Engineering Certification

data engineering course certificate

Career Opportunities After Data Engineering Certification

  • Data Engineer
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Cloud Data Engineer
  • Data Warehouse Engineer
  • Data Integration Specialist
  • ETL Developer
  • Data Architect
  • Data Governance and Security Specialist
  • Data Consultant
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Statistics
  • SQL ( Database Management System )
  • Basis of Programing and API
  • Big Data
  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Analytics Project
  • Cloud Data Where Housing and Data Lake 1
  • Cloud Data Where Housing and Data Lake 2
6 Hours 4 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Basic of Excel
Lecture 2 : Visualization in Excel
Lecture 3 : Data Analysis in Excel
Lecture 4 : Formula, Loops
12 Hours 16 Lecture
Lecture 1 : What is Statistics
Lecture 2 : Types of Statistics
Lecture 3 : Graph
Lecture 4 : Charts
Lecture 5 : Distribution
Lecture 6 : Standard Deviation
Lecture 7 : Variance
Lecture 8 : Measure of Dispersion
Lecture 9 : Sampling Probability Theorems
Lecture 10 : Type of Probability
Lecture 11 : Distribution
Lecture 12 : Z score
Lecture 13 : Hypotheses Testing
Lecture 14 : Central Limit Thermos
Lecture 15 : Types of Hypothesis Testing
Lecture 16 : Types of errors in Hypotheses Testing
12 Hours 7 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Install My SQL Work Bench
Lecture 2 : Introduction to SQL
Lecture 3 : Basic to SQL
Lecture 4 : Basic command in SQL
Lecture 5 : SQL Data Base
Lecture 6 : SQL references
Lecture 7 : Data Base Examples
10 Hours 2 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Introduction to Data Management
Lecture 2 : Introduction to API – Hands on
15 Hours 9 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Introduction to BIG Data
Lecture 2 : Framework of Big Data
Lecture 3 : Data Structure and Algorithm
Lecture 4 : Introduction to Distributed and Parlel Computing in Big Data
Lecture 5 : Introduction to Hadoop
Lecture 6 : Hadoop Framework
Lecture 7 : Basis and Advance HDFS Concepts
Lecture 8 : Introduction and handson map reduce
Lecture 9 : Advance concepts in SPARK AND SCALA
15 Hours 5 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Introduction to Relational and Non relational data bases
Lecture 2 : Introduction to Apach Cassandra and No SQL
Lecture 3 : Data Management in Relational Data Bases
Lecture 4 : Hands on No Sql
Lecture 5 : Introduction and Hands on Mongo DB
100 Hours 10 Lecture
Lecture 1 : MAP REDUCE
Lecture 2 : SPARK
Lecture 3 : SCALA
Lecture 4 : HIVE
Lecture 5 : H- Base
Lecture 6 : YARN
Lecture 8 : KAFKA
Lecture 9 : NO Sql
Lecture 10 : NO Sql
50 Hours 8 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Advance Cloud Data Ware Houses
Lecture 2 : Advance ETL using HIVE and other tools
Lecture 3 : Building an Data Lake – Hands on Project
Lecture 4 : Building Data Lake using SPRAK
Lecture 5 : Data Injection using SCOOP
Lecture 6 : KAFKA
Lecture 7 : NO Sql
Lecture 8 : Mogo DB
50 Hours 5 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Advance Cloud Data Ware Houses
Lecture 2 : Advance ETL using HIVE and other tools
Lecture 3 : Building an Data Lake – Hands on Project
Lecture 4 : Building Data Lake using SPRAK
Lecture 5 : Data Injection using SCOOP
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ICA's SAP course was a total game-changer for my career! Their experienced instructors and hands-on training made me Genpact-ready. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to land an SAP job.

Soham Mukherjee Placed at Soham Mukherjee

ICA's Tally course transformed me from a beginner to a confident user! Their in-depth training made mastering financial management at Vivo India a breeze. Big thanks to ICA!

Jayashree Bordoloi Placed at Vivo India PVT. LTD

Mastering GST with ICA's practical training was a game-changer! Their clear explanations and real-world scenarios prepared me perfectly for my role at Reliance Security. Thanks, ICA!

Dipjyoti Bora Placed at Reliance Security

ICA's Accounting course equipped me with the skills needed to land a job at V&S Cable. The instructors were industry experts, and the practical learning approach made a real difference. Highly recommend!

Simi Saikia Placed at: V&S Cable

ICA Edu Skills' Advanced Excel course is a productivity game-changer! Now I'm tackling data challenges at National Pipes Pvt. Ltd. with ease. Thanks, ICA!

Vivek Kumar Pandey Placed at National Pipes Pvt.Ltd

ICA Edu Skills' SAP course unlocked new doors! Their expert instructors helped me land a job at PWC. Now I'm excited to leverage my SAP skills! Thanks, ICA!

Debankur Thakur Placed at PWC

The ICA Edu Skills' Tally course transformed me! From a beginner, I'm now a confident Tally professional at VASWAT Trade & Agency

Abhijit Dutta Placed at VASWAT Trade & Agency

ICA Edu Skills' GST course provided a solid foundation! Their in-depth training helped me land a role at Nestcribe. Excited to grow my career with these skills!

Debashish Adhyay Placed at Nestcribe

The instructors at ICA Edu Skills were amazing! Their Accounting course made learning fun and practical. Now, I'm applying my knowledge at Nestcribe. Thank you, ICA Edu Skills!

Sarika Goenka Placed at Nestcribe

The Tally course at ICA Edu Skills was exactly what I needed! The instructors made the learning clear and practical. I feel confident in my accounting abilities, and I'm thrilled to be putting them to use at Whole9yards Global Ecom Pvt Ltd!

Souvik Biswas Placed at Whole9yards Global Ecom Pvt Ltd

ICA Edu Skills' SAP course was a game-changer! The in-depth training equipped me with the skills to excel in the industry. The instructors' real-world experience was invaluable. I'm proud to be starting my SAP journey at Dacotrans India Pvt Ltd!

Madhura Zanje Placed at Dacotrans India Pvt Ltd

ICA Edu Skills' Advanced Excel course truly leveled up my skills! The instructors made complex functions accessible and practical. I'm now confident tackling data challenges at Suyash Global Pvt Ltd. Thanks, ICA Edu Skills!

Anshika Dubey Placed at Suyash Global Pvt Ltd

ICA Edu Skills' GST course was comprehensive and practical, giving me the skills I needed to land a job at ITC Limited! The instructors were knowledgeable and made learning engaging. I'm excited to take my GST expertise to ITC!

Soumita dey Placed at ITC Ltd.

The accounts course at ICA Edu Skills was instrumental in landing my first job! The instructors made the learning practical and engaging. I'm thrilled to be applying my skills as an accounts executive at Adhirohah Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.

Pooja Pandey Accounts Execuative

After completing my PG in 2020, I wanted a job but I was not getting any. Then I heard about ICA, I enrolled there and prepared myself accordingly. I got a job in an Accounts Firm before completing my CIA course. Many thanks to ICA...

Rishav Accountant Manager

Enrolling in ICA course has been a turning point in my professional journey. The course material is comprehensive, covering all the essential topics. Faculty members are industry experts provide practical insights...

Bitoo Kumar Singh Accountant Manager

"I always heard from people that ICA is the best institute to get trained and placed as an Accounts & Finance professional. Today I earnestly advise other accounting aspirants to join here and kickstart their career in this field..."

Iftasham Islam Accountant Manager

Before joining ICA, I had zero confidence level. Thanks to rigorous mock interview sessions I was able to crack all the interview rounds and today my dream to work in an MNC came true...

Debankit Dey Placed at PWC

"ICA gave me a golden opportunity to work abroad. After completing the CIA course in Accounts and Finance, I am working in one of the most reputed travel agencies in Kenya..."

Khalid Rehman Placed at MT Travel Kenya

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our 100% job guarantee programs are open for students who enroll for accounting courses after 12,  B. Com and above.

To enroll in the course, you must have completed your 10+2 or pursued graduation from any recognised university.

Data Science is forecasted to become a 77 billion dollar industry by 2023. Honing in-demand skills such as this can help in landing a lucrative package.

  • Must complete their graduation in any stream.
  • ICA shall only be assisting the candidates in finding a paid internship in case of students pursuing graduation or are undergraduate after completion of course.
  • ICA has placement offices across 30+ cities with a huge employer base. Our priority will be to place the candidate within the city nearest to their place. In case of vacancies not arising during the specific time, we shall be providing the opportunities across other cities.
  • Students must clear all the assessments post completion of every such module followed by one common/final exam towards the end.
  • If a student is found using malpractice/unfair means, he will be suspended.
  • In case of Student’s knowledge is not found sufficient, ICA may call the student to appear for assessment in person at the center.

The individual must: 

  • Have completed their graduation from any domain.
  • ICA has placements in more than 30 cities spanning across India. We will try to place the candidates nearest to their hometown. However, if there are no vacancies during that certain period, we shall provide placement opportunities in other cities.
  • Students must be able to clear all the assessments post completion of every such module with an examination at the end.

  • For Classroom training nothing is required as our classrooms are well equipped with high end computers & stable internet connection
  • Smartphones are required to access the e-content.

  • For Classroom training examinations will be conducted in the center only.
  • Common / Final exam will be conducted after completion of all the modules and their assessments.
  • Student identity validation and surveillance is a must during the exam time.
  • Non-submission of assessments in time will be considered as if not attempted.

Upon completion of your course, clearing your assessments and projects, you will receive the certificate by ICA Edu Skills.

  • Students will have access to ICA’s Learnersmall Application on Google Play Store.
  • E-content has been made available in the English language along with various notes, self-assessments and mock examinations.
  • Physical books are also available as an option but at an extra cost.

No, you will be getting a soft copy of the certificate in your student portal.

You will be taught in both English and Hindi depending on your preferences.

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