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A Certificate in MIS Analytics is a specialized certification program focused on Management Information Systems (MIS) and data analytics. This MIS course is designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze and interpret data to make informed business decisions.

By completing an MIS certification course, individuals can acquire the expertise needed to handle and analyze large datasets, identify trends and patterns, and extract valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Course Objective

MIS course empowers you with the skills and knowledge that help you to transform raw data into actionable insights. MIS certification course has much to offer like:

  • MIS training furnishes you with Power BI, which helps to craft compelling and informative data reports.
  • Students will learn advanced Excel in MIS classes and be capable of data cleaning, transformation, and analysis.
  • The MIS course guides you on how to work in G-Suite, helps you to create dynamic presentations, and shares insights effectively.
  • Enhance your data exploration techniques by learning Data Studio.
  • Scale up your efficiency by learning VBA to automate repetitive tasks.
  • MIS Training equips you with data manipulation & analysis techniques through SQL.


The MIS course invites all students who have completed their 12th grade to enroll in a certification course. It is good to have basic knowledge, but it is not mandatory for enrollment.

Why MIS Certification?

  • Enhanced Credibility: The MIS Certification Course verifies your knowledge, and even employers give preferences to certified candidates.
  • Increased Earning Potential: The additional skills gained through the MIS course can increase your salary.
  • Staying Current: MIS Training ensures that you will get the latest industry knowledge and skills.
  • Career Advancement: Students will get an opportunity for promotions and new job opportunities.
  • Improved Efficiency & Performance: You will learn the best practices from industry experts that improve your efficiency.

Why do MIS Training from ICA Edu Skills?

  • NSDC Certified Training
  • Real-Life Projects
  • Group Discussion
  • Mock Interviews
  • 100% Job Assistance

Who Should Enroll in the MIS Course?

  • High School Grads: All those who have recently completed 12th grade can join the MIS Course and excel in their IT career in MIS.
  • Career Changers: If you want to switch your career then an MIS certification course will be a perfect choice.
  • Data Enthusiasts: Interested in mastering data analysis tools and becoming a data pro.
  • IT Professionals: If you are serving in the IT industry, then MIS classes train you with the right skill sets for career advancement.
  • Anyone in Business: If you are running a business and looking to learn MIS for data handling, the MIS Course suits your requirements.

What You Will Master in the Certificate Course On MIS

Power BI: MIS course prepares you for creating and publishing reports & dashboards with interactive features by using tooltips & slicers.

Advanced Excel: MIS training automates your analyzing skills. You can learn financial & lookup functions, data validation, and powerful tools like Power Map & Power Query.

G-Suite: Gain expertise in Google Sheet protection, presentations with Slides, and efficient cloud printing by joining the MIS certification course.

Data Studio Mastery: MIS training equips you with skills on how to design charts & graphs, effectively.

VBA Programming: Learn functions, variables, ActiveX objects, and more for better efficiency.

SQL Expertise: Gain in-depth knowledge of data insertion, string manipulation, sub-queries, and platforms to execute SQL codes confidently.

MIS Certification

We are ICA Edu Skills, India’s No. 1 Training & Skill development institute specialising in job-oriented courses to make you industry-ready. We insure the careers of the Indian Youth by combining learning with the best-in-class training and placement services at the most affordable fees possible. The courses are jointly certified with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

MIS Course

Career Opportunities After MIS Certification

Check out the career options that you can pursue after completing the MIS course

  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Business Analyst
  • IT Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • MIS Specialist
  • Power BI offers data visualization, analysis, integration, real-time monitoring, collaboration, mobile access, and career opportunities.
  • Understand advanced Excel for data analysis, automation, complex calculations, reporting, and improved productivity.
  • Learn G Suite for handling various applications and tools, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar, and Google Meet.
  • Data Studio teaches you to create interactive reports and dashboards using diverse data sources for effective data visualization.
  • With VBA, learn how to automate tasks, create custom functions, manipulate data, interact with other applications, and build user interfaces in Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • SQL for MIS Analytics teaches data retrieval, query writing, analysis, and reporting skills to effectively manage information systems for business decision-making.
9 Hours 6 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Introduction to Power BI
Lecture 2 : Prepare Data in Power BI
Lecture 3 : Publish Power BI
Lecture 4 : Service Power BI
Lecture 5 : Desktop Tooltip Reports & Slicers in Power BI
Lecture 6 : Buttons & Bookmarks in Power BI

Module Benefit

Module Benefits:

Artificial Intelligence (Al) | Allows Analysis and Sharing of Big Data Personalized Dashboards and Interactive Reports | Access to Information in Real-time | Excel integration | Profuse Data Sources Support and Integration | Interactive UI/UX Features

15 Hours 17 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Flash Fill & Data Validation
Lecture 2 : Advanced Conditional Formatting
Lecture 3 : ASAP Utilities
Lecture 4 : Lookup Functions
Lecture 5 : Match & Index
Lecture 6 : Dynamic Viookup
Lecture 7 : Data Table
Lecture 8 : Solver
Lecture 9 : Financial Functions
Lecture 10 : Sort & Filter
Lecture 11 : PowerPivot
Lecture 12 : Dashboard Creation
Lecture 13 : Power Map & Power Query
Lecture 14 : Macro
Lecture 15 : Array Functions
Lecture 16 : Google Drive
Lecture 17 : Mail Merge

Module Benefit

Module Benefits:

By understanding Advanced MS Excel Course, students will have the ability to use more sophisticated functions, which will allow them to analyse complex and large volume of data to present meaningful information helping in decision making.

11 Hours 8 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Hello to Google Drive
Lecture 2 : Introduction to Google Sheet
Lecture 3 : Google Sheet Protection
Lecture 4 : Combine Data from Multiple Google Sheet
Lecture 5 : Google Slides
Lecture 6 : Google Form
Lecture 7 : Google Mail Merge
Lecture 8 : Google Cloud Printing

Module Benefit

Module Benefits:

Domain-based email | Improved team collaboration | Video conferencing | Enhanced data security and Privacy.

9 Hours 6 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Google Data Studio
Lecture 2 : Creating Charts & Graphs
Lecture 3 : Filters & Controls
Lecture 4 : Custom Fields
Lecture 5 : Chart Styling
Lecture 6 : User Management: Sharing your Reports

Module Benefit

Module Benefits:

Access unlimited widget options | Pull data from multiple sources | Share Data Studio reports easily | Create easy-to-read reports for everyone | Get dynamic reporting | Build interactive experiences

17 Hours 11 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Macro
Lecture 2 : Introduction to VBA
Lecture 3 : Working with Procedures & Functions
Lecture 4 : Customizing the VBA Environment
Lecture 5 : Understanding the Objects
Lecture 6 : Variables & Intrinsic Functions
Lecture 7 : Controlling Program Execution
Lecture 8 : Debugging Code & Handling Errors
Lecture 9 : VBA Programming Functions
Lecture 10 : Excel Form Control & ActiveX
Lecture 11 : Working with Forms & Controls

Module Benefit

Module Benefits:

Automates repetitive and routine tasks | Accessibility to other users | Reduces the formulas burden used in Excel reports | Reduces the turnaround time.

19 Hours 15 Lecture
Lecture 1 : Introduction to SQL
Lecture 2 : Platforms to execute SQL codes
Lecture 3 : Creating a table
Lecture 4 : Data insertion
Lecture 5 : Auto increment and primary key
Lecture 6 : Alter table
Lecture 7 : Delete
Lecture 8 : Update
Lecture 9 : Top clause
Lecture 10 : String functions
Lecture 11 : Aggregate functions
Lecture 12 : Constraints
Lecture 13 : SQL join
Lecture 14 : Insert sub-query
Lecture 15 : Delete sub-query

Module Benefit

Module Benefits:

Commonality & Simplicity | Integrate easily with other programming languages | Ability to function at a high operating speed | No need of complex coding skills for data extraction.

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ICA Edu Skills' Advanced Excel course truly leveled up my skills! The instructors made complex functions accessible and practical. I'm now confident tackling data challenges at Suyash Global Pvt Ltd. Thanks, ICA Edu Skills!

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The accounts course at ICA Edu Skills was instrumental in landing my first job! The instructors made the learning practical and engaging. I'm thrilled to be applying my skills as an accounts executive at Adhirohah Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.

Pooja Pandey Accounts Execuative

After completing my PG in 2020, I wanted a job but I was not getting any. Then I heard about ICA, I enrolled there and prepared myself accordingly. I got a job in an Accounts Firm before completing my CIA course. Many thanks to ICA...

Rishav Accountant Manager

Enrolling in ICA course has been a turning point in my professional journey. The course material is comprehensive, covering all the essential topics. Faculty members are industry experts provide practical insights...

Bitoo Kumar Singh Accountant Manager

"I always heard from people that ICA is the best institute to get trained and placed as an Accounts & Finance professional. Today I earnestly advise other accounting aspirants to join here and kickstart their career in this field..."

Iftasham Islam Accountant Manager

Before joining ICA, I had zero confidence level. Thanks to rigorous mock interview sessions I was able to crack all the interview rounds and today my dream to work in an MNC came true...

Debankit Dey Placed at PWC

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Khalid Rehman Placed at MT Travel Kenya

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Frequently Asked Questions

The MIS course combines business and technology, teaching skills for data-driven decision-making, IT strategy, and innovation. Graduates bridge business and tech, driving efficiency and informed choices in the modern data-driven business world.

Yes, MIS is a great career choice. In our data-driven world, businesses need experts who can bridge the gap between tech and management. MIS professionals analyze data, optimize processes, and drive informed decisions, leading to rewarding roles like Data Analysts, IT Managers, and more. As technology advances, the demand for MIS skills keeps growing, making it a promising career path.

Individuals with a passion for data-driven insights and technology can pursue MIS certification. Whether you're a recent graduate, working professional, or seeking to switch careers, MIS certification welcomes those eager to enhance their skills in data analysis, IT strategy, and business-technology alignment. No matter your background, if you're ready to embrace the world of management information systems, this certification is for you.

Certainly, the future of MIS is promising. In our tech-driven world, businesses rely on data insights, ensuring high demand for MIS professionals. Bridging business and tech, MIS specialists drive efficiency and smart choices. As technology advances, MIS's relevance and opportunities will only grow.

In India, MIS offers vast opportunities. With businesses embracing data, roles like Data Analysts and IT Managers are thriving. Industries from finance to healthcare value MIS experts for efficiency. India's tech-forward environment makes MIS a promising path to a successful career.

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