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Payroll in Tally Prime

Payroll in Tally Prime: Process, Flow Chart, Features

26 Apr, 2024        1012 views

In today’s business landscape, managing employee payroll accurately is important for smooth operation. But Tally-Prime has resolved this issue by introducing payroll in Tally Prime. Now, whether you are running a small or medium business (SMB), Tally Prime accounting software can be a game-changer.

This blog will explain to you the complete process of payroll tally prime, with its features, process flow chart, and more.

Stay tuned…….. Make your employee payroll process easy by using payroll in Tally Prime. Let’s first understand the actual meaning of payroll.

What is Payroll?

The process of calculating, recording, and disbursing salaries and wages to employees is called payroll. The process involves many aspects, like calculating deductions, generating payslips, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

A strong payroll process reflects the timely and accurate payment of salaries to employees. This indicates a positive work environment and reduces the chances of legal complexities.

In the next section, we will start payroll in Tally Prime. The entire process of payroll tally prime will be explained with examples that will clear up your basic understanding easily.

Payroll in Tally Prime

Tally Prime, the most renowned accounting software, offers a seamless payroll feature that not only simplifies the task but also automates many tasks efficiently. Payroll in Tally Prime streamlines the overall process, from defining salary structures to generating payslips and filing tax returns.

Let’s explore how Tally Prime contributes to managing payroll:

  • Employee Management: The software stores complete employee details like name, designation, joining date, bank details, and contact information. Even payroll tally prime allows for the creation of different employee groups for easier categorization and payroll processing.
  • Salary Components: Tally Prime allows you to define various salary components like basic salary, allowances, deductions, and reimbursements. The Payroll Tally Prime feature can help you configure various calculation methods for each component. These functions ensure flexibility and customization.
  • Salary Processing: Salary processing becomes easy with payroll in Tally Prime. You can calculate the employee salary on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis for individual employees or a group. Payroll Tally Prime allows you to calculate gross salary, deductions, and net payable amounts automatically in pre-defined configurations.
  • Deductions Management: Effortlessly manage various deductions like income tax, professional tax, provident fund (PF), and employee state insurance (ESI). Tally Prime integrates with relevant authorities for streamlined deposit and reporting needs.
  • Payslips: Payroll Tally Prime also generates payslips with detailed information on earnings, deductions, and net pay. Tally Prime allows its users to share generated payslips electronically with employees for transparency and record-keeping.
  • Tax Compliance: Tally Prime reduces the chance of penalty by simplifying the process of Form 16 creation and timely tax filing. This helps you maintain compliance with tax regulations.
  • Reports & Analysis: Payroll in Tally Prime can create insightful reports on payroll data. All these data can be used to analyze employee costs, track salary trends, and identify areas for optimization. These reports can be used to make better decisions for business growth.

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In the next section, explore the feature of payroll tally prime software. This will help you to analyze why Tally Prime software is a perfect fit for your business.

Features of Payroll in Tally Prime

Check out the key features of payroll in Tally Prime that make it different:

  • User-friendly Interface: Anyone, even with limited accounting knowledge, can use tally-prime for payroll processing with its user-friendly interface. Payroll Tally Prime offers easy navigation features that help users manage employee data, process salaries, and generate reports efficiently.
  • Automation & Efficiency: Tally Prime saves a lot of time and resources by automating various tasks. This reduces error and improves productivity.
  • Integration & Flexibility: Tally Prime integration with other accounting modules within the software is easy. This process removes the requirement of manual data entry across different functions, which ensures data consistency and accuracy. In addition to that, payroll in Tally Prime offers flexibility in defining salary structures, deductions, and reports that will meet your business needs.
  • Security & Data Protection: Tally Prime data is encrypted, which gives an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. Robust access controls ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive payroll information.

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Payroll Process Flow Chart.

payroll process flowchart

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Hopefully, you understand the features and process flow of payroll in Tally Prime. In the next section of the article, we will explain how payroll tally prime is activated.

How to Enable Payroll in TallyPrime

Before using the Payroll features in TallyPrime, you need to activate it:

  • Click F11 (Features) to use the features menu.
  • Choose Set Maintain Payroll to Yes.
  • If the option is not visible, click Show More Features or Show All Features.
  • Press Ctrl+A to save the changes.

Once you follow the above steps, you are ready to use the payroll in the tally prime feature. In the next section of the article, learn how to create an employee Group in Tally Prime.

How to Create an Employee Group in Tally Prime: A Step-By-Step Process

Following are the different steps to create an employee group in Tally Prime

  • Step 1: Gateway Entry: Open Tally Prime and navigate to the Gateway of Tally.
  • Step 2: Create Master or Go To: There are two options to use the employee group creation screen:
    • Step 2.1 Option 1: Press Alt + G (Go To) > Create Master > Employee Group.
    • Step 2.2 Option 2: Type or select Create Employee Group and press Enter.
  • Step 3: Employee Category Selection: A new screen appears that displays “Create Employee Group”. In this option, you can find a drop-down menu labeled “Category.”Choose the appropriate employee category from the list. These categories can be pre-defined in Tally Prime or created on the fly.
  • Step 4: Employee Group Details: Once the employee group is created, enter the following details for the new employee group:
  • Step 5: Name: Give a descriptive name for the created employee group (e.g., Sales Team, Marketing Department).
    • Step 5.1 Under (Optional): If you want to create a sub-group within an existing employee group, select the parent group from this drop-down list. Leave it blank for a top-level group
  • Step 6: Define Salary Details (Optional): By using this option, you can pre-define salary components, deductions, and other details specific to this employee group. Selecting “Yes” opens a separate window for configuration. You can choose to define these details later for each employee individually.
  • Step 7: Accept or Modify: The last step of payroll in Tally Prime is to check all the entered details. If all the details are correct, then press enter to accept and save the newly created employee group.

If you follow the above steps accurately, then payroll tally prime becomes easy for you to manage.


Payroll in Tally Prime is a powerful tool that simplifies employee payment processing and ensures compliance with tax regulations. By leveraging its automation capabilities, user-friendly interface, and robust features, you can streamline your payroll processes, save valuable time, and ensure accurate and timely employee payments.

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