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Company Creation in TallyPrime: From Start to Success

08 Mar, 2024        770 views

In today’s fast-growing market, if businesses want to grow consistently, their accounting foundations must be strong. Tally Prime, a leading accounting software, builds this foundation for businesses by performing all accounting tasks. Businesses can perform everything from company creation in tally prime to reconciliation, GST filling, and much more to strengthen financial health.

This blog gives the complete picture of how to create a company in tally step by step, security concerns, and much more. You can explore the guide for a complete overview of company creation in Tally Prime, with examples for better understanding.

But first, understand what company creation in Tally Prime means.

What is company creation in Tally Prime?

Company creation in Tally Prime refers to creating a new company within the software. This process needs many details associated with your business like about your business, such as its name, address, and contact information.

In addition to that, many additional configuration settings, like the financial year, base currency, and security controls, are added to start your accounting management through tally software.

This is a digital accounting portfolio for your business, that helps you to record and manage its financial transactions effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide to Company Creation in Tally Prime

There are many steps involved in company creation in Tally Prime. Here, we have described each step below with proper images so our readers can perform it easily.

Launch Tally Prime and Select The Creation Method

The first step from installing Tally Prime to initiating registration is:

  • Launching Tally: First open the Tally Prime software on your desktop or mobile.
  • Gateway of Tally: If another company is already open, press “Alt + F3” to access the “Gateway of Tally”. If not, then you will be automatically directed to the tally gateway.

company creation in Tally Prime


  • Initiating Creation: Once you open the gateway, select Create Company. Here, you will get two options:
    • New Company: Select this standard option, when you want to create a company in tally from scratch.
    • Duplicate Company: If you already have companies with similar information, it allows you to copy the configuration of an existing company to speed up the process.

company creation in Tally Prime


Provide Essential Company Details

In this step of company creation in Tally Prime, you need to enter various details associated with your business. Check out below, what you need to enter:

  • Company Name: Here, enter the full name of your company that is legally registered. This name is reflected on all your documents, like invoices, reports, and other official documentation.
  • Mailing Name: If your business uses a different name for invoices or correspondence, enter it here. Otherwise, it will default to the company name.
  • Address: Make sure to enter the correct and complete address of your business, which includes the street address, city, state/province, country, and postal/ZIP code.
  • Contact Details: Provide the business phone number, email address, and website (if you have one).
  • Books of Accounts:
    • Financial Year Begins: Mention when your business’s financial year will start.
    • Base Currency Symbol: Select the primary currency that your business will use for financial transactions.

Advanced Configuration

While you create a company in Tally, here you have to set, some of the advanced settings, like security, inventory details, and other features which you operate:

  • Maintain: Choose between the following options:
    • Accounts only: Primarily used for maintaining financial records without inventory management.
    • Accounts with inventories: Select this option if your business handles purchasing and selling physical goods, necessitating inventory tracking.
  • Security Control:
    Use Security Control: Ensure to enable this option for robust security of your financial data. This function allows you to control the data from authorized access.
  • Features: Depending on your business requirements, select the different options mentioned below while you create a company in the tally:
    • Payroll: If you want to manage your employee’s payroll data, select this option. It will maintain salary calculations and payroll transactions.
    • Cost Centers: For full tracking of the overall revenues and expenses of the different departments or projects within the business.
    • Cost Categories: If needed, you can categorize the expenses into categories for more minute expense tracking.
    • Maintain Multiple Godowns: If your business operates across multiple locations, then select this for managing inventory.
    • Job Costing: Useful for tracking costs associated with specific projects or jobs.

Additional Information (Optional)

When you create a company in Tally, there are a few more additional details, you can fill in:

  • Country: If you operate, your business in different countries, enter the operating county name. These features suggest your location’s specific taxation and compliance regulations details.
  • State: Enter the state’s name, where your business is officially registered.
  • Financial Year (FY): Enter financial year dates to ensure accurate reporting.
  • Nature of Business: Briefly describe the primary activities of your business.

Saving and Verifying Your Company

This is the last step of company creation in Tally Prime:

  • Accepting the Screen: After entering all information and configuring settings, press “Y” (for Yes) to accept and save your company profile.
  • Thorough Review: Before moving forward and completing company creation in Tally Prime, double-check all the details, you have entered to avoid any errors. If any data is incorrect, then it will cause issues with reporting and compliance in the future.
  • Company Created: Congratulations, your company creation in Tally Prime has been completed successfully. Tally Prime will give you a confirmation message.

company creation in Tally Prime


When you create a company in tally, ensure every detail is accurate for the smooth operation of your business. Go through each step carefully for the successful execution of company creation in Tally Prime.

Security Concerns and Safeguarding Your Company Data

Once you create a company in Tally-Prime, safeguarding its data from unauthorized access is also an important task. Follow the steps mentioned below to make your tally data safe and secure:

  • Data Backup: Regularly backup your company data to a secure location. This helps you, to not lose any data in case of system crashes, hardware failures, or accidental data loss.
  • Strong Passwords: Always set a strong and unique password for all your user accounts in Tally-Prime, so no one can use your account.
  • User Access Control: Implement data access levels for different users according to their needs. So that no user can see any data that is not of their use and confidential.
  • Software Updates: Keep your Tally Prime software updated with the latest versions. These updates often include security patches and bug fixes, reducing the system issues that give potential chances to cyber attackers to hack data.

Now you are aware of the security points that you have to keep in mind, once you create a company in tally. Follow the mentioned instructions for maximizing efficiency.

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The next section will discuss why creating a company in Tally Prime is recommended.

Why Choose Tally Prime for Company Creation?

Tally Prime offers the best features to create a company, which attracts users to choose Tally. Let’s see in the below section the major points that make Tally Prime different from others:

  • Simplified Setup: The user-friendly and easy-to-use interface makes the company creation process in Tally Prime easy, even for individuals with limited accounting experience.
  • Customization Options: The most-needed feature of customization is available in the tally. This helps businesses set their preferred setting according to their business needs.
  • Integration with Other Modules: Seamless integration with other Tally Prime modules like inventory management, accounting, and taxation simplifies data flow and streamlines overall business operations.
  • Security Features: The robust security feature of Tally Prime allows businesses to grant data control access to users and prevents businesses from unauthorized access. Your data is encrypted within Tally Prime, making this accounting software even better.
  • Compliance Support: Tally Prime follows various accounting standards and regulations that align financial statements with accounting rules. This facilitates compliance with tax regulations in specific regions.

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Company creation is no longer a hectic task for accounting personnel. Whether you are new to accounting or have experience, you can easily create a company in tally with its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and robust security measures.

Tally Prime company creation builds a strong financial foundation and ensures your financial data is well organized, secure, and compliant with relevant regulations. The complete process is easy and less time-consuming, which allows you to focus on your other business operations for more success.

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