Can This Online Accounts Course Be Your Endgame?

Can This Online Accounts Course Be Your Endgame?

Post on : January 21, 2022

The concept of an online accounts course was always bulletproof, but can it act as your endgame? 

Much like the second highest-grossing movie of all time, Avengers Endgame, online accounts courses can act as the second-best career decision of your life. To make a lasting impact on your earnings, you will need a lump sum figure as your earnings. Although, how do you make a lasting impact on your earnings?

The answer is easy—make the first best decision of your life!

Choose a career that is always in demand!  When it comes to accounts, jobs are evergreen. 

There are a lot of extra skills and niches in accounting you can pick up like:

  • Taxation 
  • accounts Software
  • Office Management
  • Cloud accounts

Either way, accounting courses for beginners are pathways into picking up varied skills and jobs. 

Although, what is most important is the number of skills you can pick up with an online accounts course.

These skills will allow you to have a figment of flexibility when it comes to the job market. Thus, we make a list of accounts courses to find the best online accounts course. 

3 Of The Best Online Accounting Courses In India To Start Your Endgame

Instead of choosing free online accounting courses with certificates, choose online training courses in accounting, banking and taxation. 

The most important aspect of an online accounts course should be the mode of delivery, and the cost involved. We say this because no learning can be for free

Think about it—What is the last free lesson you remember? Now, take a look back at the most expensive lesson you learned. 

For example, you will always remember the first time you got burned badly. Although, what you will not remember is the deep details of something you read online. 

In the same manner, online accounts courses should not be ideally free. There should be accountability in an online accounts course

The trainer should be accountable for the student, and the student should be accountable for the learning! 

In this manner, there is a range of the best accounting courses online that leave you with verifiable job-ready skills in the field of accounting like:

Certified Industrial Accountant With SAP

This is the best online accounts course, as it combines the best of multiple worlds: Business Accounting, Tally, Banking, Taxation and SAP FICO! 

This is an online accounts course that is completely value for your money as it offers: 100% Placement Assurance! 

For your money, you learn:

  • Business Computer Applications
  • Business Accounting 
  • TallyPrime 
  • Business Communication 
  • Direct Tax 
  • GST 
  • Advanced Accounts 

Over 6 Months, you start the endgame by learning the skills that will always be in demand in employers and recruiters. This is the course that will differentiate between the professional and the amateur. 

If you are a college student, this is the course to start with and end with. Once you are done with the course, you will be ready with employable skills. With your degree, you will be invincible in a job interview. 

Apart from that, this course prepares you for facing interviews in the real world. With the business communication module, you get:

  • Mock Interviews
  • Grooming Sessions
  • Spoken English Sessions and more

This online accounts course gives you the keys to your career, and unlike the free online accounting courses with certificates in India, this course trains you. 

With core training in accounting, banking and taxation, you learn advanced accounting and handle end to end enterprise accounting. TallyPrime With GST, TDS, Business Accounting & MS Office

This is an online accounts course that is ideal for B.Com Graduates and freshers looking to make an entry into the job world. With a Course duration of 170 hours, this course dives into modules on:

  • Business Accounting 
  • TallyPrime
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) 
  • TDS 
  • MS Office 2019

This online accounts course will prepare students in multiple facets of the job world with the real-time application of TallyPrime, MS Office and Tax filing. 

This online accounts course starts with the creation and setting up files under TallyPrime. The next step is creating ledgers and groups with a complete understanding of accounts and taxation.

Then you learn to pass journal entries and create reports and analyses online. Then you are rigorously trained for the real-time tax implications for Income Tax, TDS, and GST within transactions.

The Tally part ends with learning the practical avenues of advanced Tally with:

  • Capital & Revenue Transactions
  • Accounts Documents
  • Journal Entries
  • Depreciation
  • Stock Valuation
  • Year-end Adjustments
  • Final Accounts

Then you can start by learning how the payment of GST is made to the government, and that starts by Calculation of GST payable and filing the e-returns. 

Then, of course, you learn how to handle GST in Tally along with TDS. After that, you learn the basic concepts of Tally and learn how to file an E-TDS Return.

Last but not the least, this online accounts course ends you with core training in MS Office, and this is a course that will help you throughout your work life!


This online accounts course is more a software course than an online accounting course. Yet, this course is the most valuable certification for employers. SAP has worldwide applicability and thus learning it is a must for wannabe accounting professionals. 

SAP serves over 425, 000 customers in 180 countries. Here are some fun facts about SAP in India:

  • SAP is a segment leader in India.
  • SAP has more than 65% market share in India. 
  • 11 out of 16 ‘Navratnas’ (Central Public Sector Enterprises identified by Govt. of India) like BEL/ BHEL/ NTPC/ ONGC/ IOCL etc. run on SAP ERP.
  • 9 out of 10 most profitable companies and largest companies use SAP Products
  • 36 out of 50 ‘Economic Times 500’ companies like TCS/ Reliance/HDFC/ Coal India/ Infosys etc. run on SAP ERP.
  • 25 out of the 40 Largest Indian Companies named by Forbes run SAP ERP

Learning SAP FICO leads to an abundance of high paying opportunities. SAP has a ton of solutions, but an integral part of the accounting products by SAP features its FICO modules. 

Consisting of two modules in itself SAP FICO is truly a market conqueror and learning it will increase your opportunities! 

Choosing The Best Online Accounts Course From The Best Accounts Institute

Once you figure out the best online accounts course, the next step is choosing the best accounts institute. 

The offerings we listed above are provided by us, and over 22 years we have trained and placed over 5 lac+ students. 

Intending to close the skill gap, we have been striding ahead! Know more!  

Choose wisely, the best course is the one that assures your placement. That is how an online accounts course can act as your endgame!

Choose wisely! Your future awaits you!

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