How to Become an Accounts Manager with a Non-Commerce Background

How to Become an Accounts Manager with a Non-Commerce Background

Post on : February 21, 2020

India is largely a land of the orthodox. There are too many stereotypes about education and careers to say the least. Even today many people strongly think that education is rigidly categorized and graduation in a particular stream is a must for establishing yourself as a professional in that stream. For example, it is generally thought that only a commerce graduate can opt to become an accountant. But just how much truth is there to it? Can you really not be an accounts manager without a commerce background?

Short answer – YES YOU CAN! Why, you ask? Simple – good skill can trump big fat degrees these days! 

You DON’T need to possess CA, CS or ICWA specialization to land a lucrative accounting job. You can take our word for it. All you need to do is to tread on a well-thought out path. A very good option might be to go for skilling courses from reputed institutes which can drill the skill in you comparatively quicker than a full fledged degree programme of 2 years.

Certain fast-track programs on TALLY, GST & SAP have come to the fore now. These skilling courses, if followed diligently, can facilitate one to become a Senior Accountant or an Accounts Manager without CA specialization, or better yet, without even a Commerce background. How cool is it? What is most astonishing is that as per our observation many Arts background students professionally fare better than Commerce background students themselves after successfully completing such job-oriented skilling courses! 😉


Accounting Courses

Let us now dive deeper and look at some of the aforementioned skilling courses which can land you accounting jobs irrespective of your graduation stream.


Most enterprises seek professionals who are able to work conveniently with an  integrated package. Employers do always prioritise certified Tally professionals. Be trained and certified as a Tally expert and get hired by reputed organisations in a permanent job role. Besides, hands on practical training, this certification program abridged a gateway to excel in this accounting software.

Typical learning modules

  • Creation of companies, journalisation & ledger posting
  • Billing,Cash & Bank vouchers,invoices,purchase/sales order,accounting stocks
  • Cost centre management,categories and B.R.S/return filing
  • MIS creation-GST related
  • Introduction to TDS, rates of TDS, creation of TDS masters, TDS challan reconciliation, saving FORM 26Q & exporting FORM 26Q
  • Debit & credit note, managing balance sheet & trial  balance

    * Salary : Average annual salary of a tally professional is INR 235k (Source : Glassdoor)

    * Tally jobs :  Admin Executive, Accounts Executive, Financial Analyst, Accounts Manager


Tally course



The financial database management package is composed of modules regarding financial reporting & controlling. SAP FICO is a core functional component that allows an organization to manage all its financial databases along with the simplification of accounting calculation. The modules consist of (FI) finance and (CO) controlling. Both a fresher and a graduate can go for it.

Typical learning modules

  • General ledger accounting at advanced level
  • Accounts payable (vendor) & accounts receivable (customer)
  • Asset accounting & fund management
  • Profitability analysis
  • Travel management (booking/trips related)

   * Salary : An SAP consultant’s average monthly salary ranges from INR 15000 to 49000 (Source : Glassdoor)

      * SAP jobs : SAP consultant, SAP data migration consultant, Financial analyst.


sap fico course



The present multi-tasked tax structure has impacted the State and Union governments respectively. The Government of India had various tax provisions such as Service Tax, Central Sales tax, Income tax, Excise Duty and Security Transaction Tax etc. At the State level there existed VAT/ Sales tax, State excise and other such taxes. These taxes were leading to increased tax burden on the domestic Indian products as well as in the international markets. In this respect, the introduction of the GST in the financial market has led to cost free compliance along with a financial system devoid of corruption.

Typical learning modules :

  • Supply management
  • Time,place & value of supply
  • GST calculation using Tally
  • GSTN

     * Salary : A GST executive’s average  monthly salary starts from INR 18000 p.m. (Source : Glassdoor)

      * GST jobs : GST executive, Accounts & Finance Manager, GST consultant


GST course

Now that the central idea is clear to you, the main challenge lies in finding out the best skill training institute in India and how to make the most out of such modular courses to land your desired accounting job without formal degrees. Skilling and vocational training institutes providing job guarantee courses can go a long way in empowering non-commerce background students to land well-paid accounts jobs. Lastly, a knowledge of online microsoft excel will be a added value to your CV.


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3 years ago

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

Abhik Mukherjee
Abhik Mukherjee
3 years ago

Thanks I’m from science background so this article made me more confident about the above said professions. And I completely believe the ideology that was told here..thank you.

Arghya Dutta
3 years ago

Thank you Abhik for your kind words! Please follow us for more such awesome content 😊

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