Top 10 Accounting Software In India
Top 10 Accounting Software In India


Accounting as we all know by now, displays the financial health of a business. Be it any type or scale of company – ascertaining profits and maintaining books of accounts is absolutely essential to keep a tab on the financial position of the business. Utilizing right accounting software for proper book-keeping provides a powerful accounting solution. A good accounting institute includes modules to teach one or more popular accounting software in use for the benefit of students.

Let us take a quick look at the most popular accounting software in use today. This list is in no particular order but the popularity of the software has been kept in mind.

Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 is probably the most popular accounting software around, with a whopping 1.6 million users worldwide. It functions as an end-to-end solution to GST statutory regulations as current reformer changes get in the financial accounting system of India. Tally is equipped with error detection capabilities that minimize any chances of rejection in GST returns. Starting from creating invoices, creating ledgers, printing cheques, stock aging analysis, cost estimates, profit analysis, auto bank reconciliation, or any critical overviews; Tally is your accounting partner in need. Tally assists in generating instant reports and quick decisions, as is required when the business grows. Tally is a simple to use solution enabling businesses to handle accounting details by implementing the least resources.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a well-known accounting software in India which works online. It functions as an integrated platform for end-to-end financial solution. Zoho Books is GST compliant, automates business workflow, and manages financial accounting and help in managing departments collectively from one single source. As per expert accountants, Zoho Books is one of the most used accounting solutions for businesses. Right from maintaining sales orders and invoicing, Zoho Books help in GST invoices, bookkeeping, huge ledgers, and various accounting tasks. Zoho Books is armed to the teeth in terms of functionality. It can manage cash receivables, payables, banking, inventory, time-sheets, and business contacts. And then it can generate those reports too.

QuickBooks India

QuickBooks India another great accounting software to provide best-in-class productivity. It provides options to track sales, create and send invoices, and derive a database from the cloud-based portal. QuickBooks can be used by novice users and does not require much expertise in financial accounts handling. The software is equipped with powerful invoicing features, payment reminders, sales, and inventory tracking, auto banking resolution, and easy navigation interface. QuickBooks simplifies tasks and provides a 360-degree view of the business from anywhere.

Busy Accounting Software

Busy is an integrated Windows-based accounting software that has been created to bring a reform in the computerized accounting system. Busy Accounting Software’s main objective is providing a completely computerized accounting solution. Busy now has gone on to become one of the top online accounting software in India. Busy was created by a group of IT professionals with a motive that focused on the development of business accounting. Busy has received warm response from many big corporate houses in India.


ProfitBooks is one of the best accounting software in India. It offers complete inventory management and generates detailed tax reports. This helps in proper controlling of the business financials. Financial planning and inventory management are imperative to get sales and product insights. No matter the type or volume of business, ProfitBooks offers a steady platform to track management process and file tax returns. ProfitBooks ranks as one of the top-notch accounting and inventory management software in the market today. This is because it allows users manage income and expense statements and also track the entire cash flow.


Logic is an another great accounting software in India that seeks to meet the demand of having a feature-rich ERP system in the accounting and financial module. Decision makers love to take a quick peek into financial reports that enable quick decision making. Logic aims to provide exactly that kind of support to a business. It is a software package that helps in accurate financial management, budgeting, planning, assists forecasting, renders efficient performance analysis and integrates general ledger and accounting data. The software catalyzes business success with its powerful modular tools that manages inventory, human resources and accounting.

MargERP 9+

MargERP 9+ is an inventory and accounting software with GST management features built in. It aspires to make GST filing and billing easy. Other functions supported by this accounting software are generating batch wise invoice, getting detailed information on a business transaction, availing bank reconciliation, pushing GST transaction on the portal etc. MargERP 9+ allows selecting the right GST slab and sorting out business transactions accordingly. It allows direct and automated calculations of SGST, CGST and IGST.  It has more than 2500 configuration options and around 500 tutorial videos! So it is not hard to see that the software is easy to implement and provides top notch functionality to support businesses.


myBooks accounting software is another great accounting software solution for new entrepreneurs, accountants and other types of businesses whether big or small. myBooks Accounting Software supports GST and has special modules inbuilt keeping the small business owner in mind. Being a simple yet functional accounting software, it eliminates the need for formal training. It also pops up helpful tips while using the product so that discovery of features and familiarization of functionalities become easier.


Vyapar will be found in any list of great accounting software for small Indian businesses. The word ‘vyapar’ itself means ‘business’ in Hindi. The accounting software is probably the only free to use platform in this list. Vyapar facilitates maintaining invoice, getting inventory records, managing books of accounts and all the other standard stuff expected from a good accounting solution. Many small sector businesses today are in need of a digital make-over and here’s where Vyapar takes the cake. Also, this software is GST compliant and allows error-free tax returns. Other features include creating customizable invoices and automates payment reminders among others.


‘Saral’ in Hindi means ‘easy’ or ‘simple’. It is another of those online accounting software in India that helps with accounting and billing system. As is evident from the name, the primary goal of Saral is to be user-friendly and offer an integrated platform which manages to cover every essential point for your accounting and billing requirements. Right from inventory management to generation of MIS reports, Saral covers it all. Saral is GST compliant as well, thus enabling tax filing and returns. The software comes with different GST slab rates for easy GST segretation. Apart from all these features, Saral, like other such systems, offers inventory management, service invoice and generates auditors report for the firm. Along with statutory compliance, the software covers bar-code integration and generation for product pricing and tracking as well.

As we can see Tally is by far the most deployed accounting software in use. So if you are looking for a Tally course to power-up your accounting skills to have an edge over others, you need to look no further!

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