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Top Career Opportunities For Accountants

02 Jun, 2020        190 views


Professionals with proper accounts training are the human equivalent of Swiss Army Knives. They can venture out into many fields, be it entrepreneurship or service-based careers. Accountants are needed in every type of establishment whether large or small, public or private. A lot of career avenues are open for accounting professionals today, both in India and abroad.

Let us take a look at a few of the career avenues open to the accountancy professionals who have undergone extensive accounts training and are masters of their art.

Tax consultant

Tax consultants are tax advisers who work out the taxes for others.

Tax consultants are masters of tax planning and laws. They help work out the tax compliance laws of the land. They help interpret the legalities of various taxes. Customers (or better known as clients) approach them for professional guidance as to how to remain tax compliant as per state and national norms.

There is a lot to be earned and a lot to be learned if you become a tax counselor. One benefit of running this kind of business is that you get to meet a lot of people with varying needs and issues to be addressed. This helps you advance your career and business as well.

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Here, individuals or firms will approach you to do their accounting and related financial thingies for you.

Outsourcing is great for the outsourcer as well as the one doing the outsourcing. This greatly helps fresher students who have just completed their CA or even some quality accounts training from decent accounting institutes.

Once the accountant finds a perfect startup, he or she would get recognized. Larger firms with sooner or later notice and approach the accountant or his outsourcing org for work.

Auditor/ Audit Expert

During the course of accounts training, if the budding accountant took auditing to his or her liking, then this is yet another lucrative option. Auditing, in layman terms, refers to statutory verification of all accounting statements. This is to ensure that all the financial statements have been prepared following due convention, relevant laws and that no unfair means have been adopted.

Auditors are often highly paid and enjoy a great demand in this industry. They help ensure reliability, so it’s understandable that they are big shots.

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Banking Sector

Have you undergone accounts training and don’t want to start your thing yet? The banking sector (both public and private) is wide open for you! Students with accounts training can opt for this sector. Credit and funds management, analysis of creditworthiness, ensuring financial integrity are some of the roles played by bankers.


Students with accounts training can venture off into finance as well. You can work in manufacturing or infrastructure or for that matter any sector as a finance consultant.

While juniors will do the hard work of data entry and verification, finance professionals will perform statutory filings, MIS reporting to the management, etc.

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