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SAP Certification

SAP Certification- A Rewarding Career-Path for Job-aspirants in India & Beyond

21 Aug, 2020        466 views

All companies are dealing with the impacts of COVID-lockdown. As the economy gets mobile, e-businesses are managing their financial assets with the help of advanced SAP projects.

Strict situations require trained SAP specialists in the global job market and for the same reason, most of us should get familiar with the importance of SAP & SAP Certification in this new-normal. SAP or Systems Applications & Products are wide-ranging applications that enable customers to communicate in a shared database. Today, top industries such as IBM & Microsoft are using SAP modules. More of such assembled applications are built around SAP to make it extra business-friendly.

Fact: Since its inception, SAP underwent several adjustments and the most recent SAP R/3 for the business application provides improved information-exchange as it is an internet-enabled package. R/3 for SAP business application uses client/server framework and runs on various platforms such as Windows 2000. It helps in managing:
Financial Assets, Materials Personnel, Production Operations Plants, Cost Accounting, Archived Documents

Sap Certification Is Growing Momentum During COVID Lockdown

Since the lockdown, most business operations including education have shifted online. The need for SAP program experts is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, SAP Training is still open for business virtually. But why SAP Certified professionals are getting the extra edge.

SAP is a proven technique that drives the flawless functionality in website interfaces, e-businesses, supply chain management, CRM and more. SAP consists of cohesive modules that support most features of business management. While most organizations are working with SAP modules, there is a huge demand for SAP certificate holders both nationally and worldwide. Today, SAP certification is contributing at large to build the future of skilled professionals.

Learning SAP Will Help Candidates Acquire A Job In:

  • Production Planning
  • Materials Management
  • Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO)

Businesses are encouraging SAP facilitated components. Which, in return, is increasing the demand for SAP experts in workplace management and production units.

Who Can Pursue SAP Certification?

SAP Certified training is a matter of technological empowerment. Someone interested in SAP should have an aptitude and keen interest to learn the subject. There are various SAP courses that one can learn as long as they have a related academic background. Anyone with an accounting, finance, computer science, human resource, operations management, information systems, business administration and system engineering background can learn SAP.

Currently, SAP training consists of 2 parts- one for technical assistance and another, for functional operations. Technical SAP orients a student on module customization, development, and programming while Functional SAP training focuses on business analysis and managerial tasks.

A professional SAP certification validates one’s experience and skills required to become an SAP partner for a company. SAP certified professionals are directly hired by most firms to fulfill a standardized measure of responsibilities and potentials.

4 Benefits Of SAP Certification:

SAP may not be rocket science but it requires adequate training and subject-familiarity. SAP implementation is multifaceted & professional. Once you are certified on SAP and gain passable knowledge, you are in for reaping the benefits. Here’s some among many-

  1. The Best Jobs: SAP certificate holders are entitled to secure a well-paid job in the best industry sectors. 70% of all organizations (Fortune 500) are demanding SAP consultants. With SAP certification, such professionals climb the ladder of success in no-time.
  2. Satisfying Paycheques: Both private & Govt. sectors hire SAP experts. The average salary of an SAP consultant is not less than 30,000 INR a month (initially) which only increases over time. (a 4ys-experienced profession will get paid between 50,000-80,000/month)
  3. Reputation: After a good job-position and decent pay-out, comes reputation. SAP Certification opens the door for recognition and acknowledgement of an individual among their colleagues, customers, clients, and peer-group. They can use it to get motivated, try out unique implementation & grab the attention of employers/recruiters.
  4. Promotional opportunities: SAP certification gives you a golden chance to go further into the industry. It not only secures you a good position but also makes you a company asset. SAP consultants who are also trained in CRM solutions, logistics, ERP systems, manufacturing and distribution get promoted within a short period of their employment.

SAP is one of the most advancing career options that help in bettering most business operations. If you want to get SAP certified, lookout for the best institutes that provide training and placement.

Disclaimer: The content posted in this weblog is intended for general information purposes only and does not include any professional accounting, tax, legal or financial advice. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information based on laws, regulations, and best practices which may vary by jurisdiction, industry, and individual circumstances.

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