Do Business Accounting Taxation Courses Put You On The Right Track For Your Career?

Do Business Accounting Taxation Courses Put You On The Right Track For Your Career?

Post on : December 2, 2021


Having a B.Com degree or getting a degree in business accounting and taxation will not ensure your career. However, the right business accounting taxation courses will. By full virtue, Business Accounting Taxation or BAT is a bat that delivers sixers (provided the bat is held by the right batsman). Yes, even if there are googly balls or no balls from the ghouls of Unemployment and Lack of Opportunities. 

Accounting Taxation Courses, if done right can breathe life into your career. Additionally, it is never too late to begin and vice versa. At the core of learning accounting and finance lies a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge. It might seem that an accountant is made right out of a college. However, when it comes to reality, it is exactly the opposite. 

An accountant is made by a mix of hard learnt knowledge and theory.

This is what we go on about here! We start with what makes a B.A.T. and teach you how to hold it.  By the end of this blog post, you should be able to formulate your career plan.


Business Accounting Taxation Courses: What Does It Represent?

We begin at the core. Business accounting and taxation might seem like huge imposing words. Although, in reality, it isn’t all that big. In the simplest terms, business accounting and taxation are how a business or entity runs. 

To explain better, business accounting is a mix of recording transactions into journals, ledgers, cash books, all while ensuring that taxes are paid. Business Accounting Taxation Courses are the channel of introduction to running a business from the accounting point of view. All of this is done while maintaining compliance with GAAP, Tax Laws, and Business Policies(Internal and External). 

For example, the accounts department of an organization is responsible for Business Accounting and Taxation. They are responsible for:

  • Maintaining Entries
  • Building Statements
  • Filing Tax Returns For The Company And Its Employees. {From GST to TDS(Income Tax, Professional Tax)}

While policies may differ from organisation to organisation, the accounts department of any organisation is generally responsible for maintaining compliances and keeping the company afloat. So, what do business accounting taxation courses prepare you for?


What are Business Accounting Taxation Courses?

Business Accounting Taxation Courses will provide you with the accounting tools to aptly execute what is needed to be done. From TallyPrime to SAP Fico, business accounting taxation courses should cover it all. Although, that isn’t enough in reality. These courses should match your knowledge with the practical. 

For you, a course in accounting and taxation should ideally prepare you for being an accountant. The key term here is ‘being’. Becoming an accountant is a process that begins with failing at executing the process of being an accountant. Only after failing can anyone start to gain an understanding of what needs to be done. Let’s take a look at the reasons why we say this:

  • An untested concept, in theory, is as good as Schrodinger’s Cat.
  • No one will ever know the outcome unless tested.   
  • A practical test requires multiple attempts at the very least
  • A Science experiment requires research, observation, practice, and then theory.

However, when someone graduates, one has the theory sans the research, observation, and practice. We aren’t exaggerating, but there are multiple points of failure that can occur while filing a simple GST tax return. While some might say that YouTube videos can aid in learning, we only have a question in return.

Let us play a game of:

Who would you hire for an Accountant’s Role?

  • A Fresher Accountant with 6 Months of Internship Experience 
  • A YouTube Trained Accountant

What Is The Best Course After A Bcom Degree In Finance And Taxation?

The best course after a BCom in finance and taxation is taking up a specialization course. That can be in either finance or taxation. After a specialization course, there is a range of professional options like:

  • Becoming Investment Consultants
  • Stockbroking Professionals
  • Tax Consultants
  • Accounting Professionals
  • SAP FICO Business User
  • SAP Consultant

However, you can open up the SAP User Functionality only after taking classroom/online accounting and taxation courses. Most business accounting taxation courses have TallyPrime Modules with SAP FICO Modules. Meanwhile, for becoming Investment Consultants/Stockbroking Professions, you can take up a Diploma Course in Financial Markets. For Studying Taxation only, you can take up a GST Course from an institute. However, if you want to know more about why you should choose an institute, check out our article on GST Professional Training Courses!


Can I Do Extra Courses While Studying Bcom with Specialisation In Accounting And Taxation?

However, it is best to start early with business accounting taxation courses. The best time is right out of high school. However, doing a business accounting and taxation course while pursuing a Bcom degree will do just fine. To add an extra edge to your learning and drive the ball across the stadium. However, if you want to, you can take on separate courses on: 

  • MS Office
  • TallyPrime

However, the right business accounting taxation course will teach every bit of the above with added certifications.  


Is It Worth Doing Business Accounting Taxation Courses?

You will know the worth after you compare the fees in an accounting and taxation course to the salary after doing business accounting taxation courses. The right course is your ticket to a 5 Figure Salary, and it is evident when you look at the success stories

What Are The Best Business Accounting Taxation Courses In India?

A Business Accounting Taxation salary is the definition of how good a business accounting and taxation course is. Compare the fees of business accounting taxation courses with the salary, and the result is outrightly visible. However, most institutes promise that all of the following courses will be finished in a span of 2.5 to 4 Months:

  • TallyPrime
  • TDS (Income Tax & More).
  • GST
  • Quickbooks
  • Payroll Accounting
  • MS Excel
  • Soft Skills
  • MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs)
  • Advanced MS Excel
  • Banking & Auditing
  • Practical Training

Although, we would like to point out that such promises such as these are an impossible possibility. In other words, mastery of these skills takes time and patience. However, there is no best course as it all depends on the nature of the institute that offers the course.


Which Is The Best Institute For Doing Business Accounting Taxation Courses?

Every institute offers courses, but how many institutes give a 100% Job Guarantee? That too in Writing? Further, every institute should first demonstrate what is taught. Only after that should a practical be held. After that, reality should set in. How? Internships, of course! The ideal should include:

  • Provide Placements
  • Mock Interviews 
  • Weekly Tests
  • Guidance On Facing Interviews.

This is why we would like to say that our Classroom Certified Industrial Accountant Plus is the course that will fit the bill. It is a course that covers every aspect of accounting, taxation, and finance. That too with:

  • Additional Accounting Modules like MCA, SAP FICO, Direct Tax, GST, and more
  • Triple Certifications 
  • 6 Months of Paid Internship
  • 100% Job Guarantee
  • J.E.T.(Journal Entry Tests)
  • Mock Interviews
  • Personality Development Sessions, and much more!

Want to know more about our business accounting taxation courses? Check our best business accounting taxation courses here!

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