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All-Purpose Benefits Of Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Courses

24 Dec, 2020        345 views

Experience is necessary but one needs knowledge and skills that employers are companies looking for. Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Courses are industry courses that help you perform roles and skills necessary for corporates. That’s what makes Microsoft Certification so valuable.

Special IT Benefits of MS Office Course

  • You authorize your proficiency
  • Gives you real-world skills
  • You get to apply technical knowledge
  • Helps you keep up with industry changes
  • An opportunity to obtain new certifications

If you want to validate your technical skills and get global recognition, Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Courses are best for your career goals. Microsoft Office Suite is an ultra-popular business productivity application that includes all Microsoft functions needed to make a candidate industry-ready. Microsoft Office training institutes are thus, gaining popularity every day.
With an international standard Microsoft office course, you will

  • Get a better understanding of all features and functionality of Microsoft Office
  • Have increased marketability
  • You become job-ready
  • Improve your academic performance
  • Enhance your confidence & workplace productivity

What Are The Latest Statistics Saying?

  • Earning a Microsoft specialist certificate will increase your salary up to 20%
  • If you are a Microsoft Certified Technologists, you will get around 23% hike in salary
  • 60% of certified professionals landed a new job in months
  • Microsoft certified experts earn 15% more than uncertified associates

If you want to develop your career and increase your technical skills, Microsoft Office Specialist certifications will fill up the existing gaps.

History of Microsoft Certification:

Microsoft is one of the first companies to come up with a certification program for software training on Microsoft products. The Certified Professional project was first introduced in 1992 covering subjects like Windows, SQL Server, and LAN Manager.

Learners who link their professional certification to a specific niche, have the potential to create new IT standards that authorize their skills in Microsoft Office.

Microsoft’s impressive growth is a perfect match for a new and experienced learner. Likewise, there is an increased demand for Microsoft certification with numerous IT professionals opting for the course. Microsoft products have taken over the market long back and it is only now, the craze for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Courses are so much in-demand.

As a fresher, you can join as a software expert, database admin, network admin and MS Office professional with medium to large enterprises. Since 2018, Microsoft has re-established the importance of a MOS certification which helped in bridging the skills gap required for a job in the professional sector. Companies are always hiring Microsoft certified professionals who can support technical set-ups at ease.

Why Microsoft Learning Is Becoming Popular?

Microsoft Office includes several applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, One Note, MS Projects. MS Office is used both for personal and professional purposes- including marketing, accounting, coding, analysis, and reporting. MS Office helps us in our daily works from typing documents, tabular data formation, adding fonts and designs. Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Courses are very important in the coming years- as there is a huge demand for technical support in the IT sector.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Apply For Microsoft Office Certification!

MS Office Fluency

  • After completing MS Office course, you can create documents using MS Word, make an awesome presentation using MS PowerPoint, manage projects through Microsoft Project, report and manage data using Excel.
  • Using such IT skills you will be able to build a good career in different corporations.

Build Professional Charts

  • If you are fluent with MS Office, you can be a chart-building pro! Fashioning great charts will boost your Microsoft skills and make you stand out as an expert.
  • You will be able to join as a business analyst once you have mastered the Microsoft training- developing forms, chats, figures, statistics, and reporting.
  • Charts are very crucial for PowerPoint presentations and you can easily display your expertise.

Best at Collating Data

  • Data is everything standing in the current situation. MS Excel helps you arrange, organize and format data.
  • MS Excel is one of the best applications for data collection and reporting.

Work/Learning Flexibility

  • Microsoft certification training is available both online and offline. Plus once you have completed the course, you can share your projects online and from anywhere.
  • Staying connected with stakeholders and business leaders is very easy when you are working with Microsoft Office suite.

Improved career opportunities

  • Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Courses opens up multiple career prospects both nationally and internationally.
  • You can prepare yourself for big challenges, leadership roles and major analytical activities using MS Office skills.
  • Moreover, you will be entitled to a good salary and better job roles once you are fluent in Microsoft usage.

These are only some of the many benefits that Microsoft Certification entails. In 2020 and beyond, Microsoft program will still hold its reputation and perks required for securing a job in the IT sector.

If you want expert training and professional certification in Microsoft, you can avail our industry-oriented Microsoft Training course. Enquire for a free counselling session with our career expert today!

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