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Post Covid Job opportunities

5 Most Demanding Sectors with Huge Job Opportunities Post-COVID

21 Sep, 2020        179 views

At a time when there is a noise of layoffs, pay cuts and the COVID induced gloomy job market, there’s good news.

Various job sectors have already initiated the recruitment procedure. Although the pandemic has gravely damaged several industries, there is a rising demand for

  • A skilled workforce with technical knowledge to lever the present crisis.

The article highlights a few promising job sectors who are ready to hire freshers during and after COVID-19.

Accounts training & placements
  1. Finance Banking and Accounting
    • Banking is an ever-expanding industry.
    • A career in finance, banking and accounting open a wide range of job opportunities for skilled individuals.
    • The accounting sector of any organization is responsible for all financial activity ongoing in the business organization.
    • The accountant is responsible for the accurate assessment and recording of financial data.
    • Employees with diverse skill-sets are always in huge demand in this financial sector.

Individuals who enjoy dealing with a variety of clients tend to choose jobs in the Investment and Loan Division, whereas individuals who enjoy solitary work focus on the Auditing and Accounting division.

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Data Science course after 12th
  1. IT Services
    • According to a report published in The Times of India, India is poised to have a 62% growth in Data Science job openings in 2020.
    • Data specialists are data analysts armed with the necessary skills to solve complex problems.
    • These technical problems are associated with a chronic drought and data science experts are needed to enlist these addressable problems. They are the most talented people combining the best of both worlds – IT and business.
    • Therefore, data scientists are part of computer science, part of mathematics, and analysts.
    • Due to demand, the salary of scientific data in India is one of the highest. It is because data collection, data cleaning and processing are becoming more common these days as companies need data to collect market and customer information.
    • Metro-cities like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and emerging Pune and Bangalore are in high demand for data scientists, an expert in IT services.

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Online training institute
  1. Online Education
    • In the coming years, the market for online education via e-learning is predicted to witness substantial growth.
    • Due to COVID, the only mode of imparting education in Online Education. It helps candidates prepare efficiently for different competitive exams and also enroll themselves in online vocational courses.
    • The most crucial reasons for the success of online education are –
      • quality education,
      • the flexibility of time,
      • availability of study material,
      • affordability, instant evaluation, and
      • Government Initiatives.
    • New means of communication have been set up to conduct Online Education over internet platforms, namely –
      • Webinars
      • Mock-tests
      • Audio-Video Classes
      • Career Counselling services
post covid Healthcare jobs
  1. Healthcare
    • When the whole world is clinging on the edge and we have to flow ourselves with this new normal, it is the youth whose career and life will be drastically changed.
    • Freshers can learn Biomedical Engineering, numerous equipment training, most advanced technology which deals with the manufacture and maintenance of the medical tools.
    • Besides MBBS, Virology and Microbiology have become a promising sector of the medical field.
    • Medical Students, nurses, fully trained medical staffs have all the more job opportunities in this pandemic.
post covid Media jobs
  1. News and Entertainment
    • The News and Entertainment industry is one of the fastest-growing industry in the world due to
      • the rise in digital content consumption,
      • the launch of creative content and
      • a greater reach of regional media.
    • The various job opportunities offered by the industry are –
      • Advertising jobs
      • Social Media Jobs
      • Media and Entertainment jobs
    • The lockdown has given access to the public to voice their opinion over social media platforms.
    • The major forms of mass media – Television, Radio, Films and Social Media has strengthened the varied population through imparting knowledge and creating widespread awareness.
    • The pandemic situation has pushed the youth of the country to engage in a practical, meaningful work environment with adequate job opportunities.

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