3 Surefire Steps For Building A Stairway To A Job With Accounts Training Courses

3 Surefire Steps For Building A Stairway To A Job With Accounts Training Courses

Post on : November 20, 2021


“Being an accounting professional is so easy; that I don’t even want to try the profession by learning it!”, your mind goes! Let us ask you this question: Are you aware that you can become an account professional without an accounting degree? All you have to do is take up accounts training courses. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, we can tell you are not satisfied with what you have going for your accounting learning. Whether you want to start a career in accounting or upskill in your job, accounts training courses will set the path for you. Accounting sounds tough but if you have a skillset backing you getting a job in accounting becomes easy. (Provided that is your goal)

The First Step to Accounts Training Courses: Introduction

In this article, we explore how accounting has changed over time. We answer your most asked questions and ultimately intend to show you that the path to success does not start with you becoming a Chartered Accountant. Thus, we start off with the most pressing question of all:

How To Learn Accounting?

A step that begins with an even bigger question—Why do you want to learn accounting and finance? Ideally, a passion for accounting is vital, but it is absolutely okay if you do not have a vision. You do not have to be a visionary to see that the BFSI Sector is seeing massive growth. Along with the fact that the demand for skilled accounting professionals is higher than ever. However, to learn accounting and taxation, you need to study a bit. You do not have to have an accounting degree, but having one helps. 

The first step is understanding that Accounts is more than Balance Sheets, Ledgers, Income Statements, and Tax Receipts. Being an Accountant never looked cool to most, but in reality, it is one of the most well-paid professions. That is the part that matters, and thus, learning accounting and finance requires that you test your knowledge regularly. How do you do that? Take up accounts training courses or accounts related certificate courses.

Where To Learn Accounting?

Accounting should be learnt at places where the Accountants are. There is no need for being a Chartered Accountant or an MBA Degree Holder to start business accounting and taxation courses. Starting a career in accounting and finance does not require massively expensive degrees. Before you rain hell and fire on us, let us take a step back and look at this from another way. Let us take a better look at the industry itself.

What about the Corporate Finance Studs who draw six-figure salaries? 

Do you think these people walked right out of business school and sat on that chair? Or what about your local storekeepers? They probably possess more accounting skills than that of a B.Com Degree Holder.

The key takeaway is that: Skills>Degrees. We are not asking you to throw your degrees out of the windows yet or stop pursuing them. You will need degrees without fail, but not having one should not stop you from pursuing accounts training courses. This is why you will need an accounts training institute.

How To Do Accounts Training Courses?

Three words: Practice. Practice. Practice. Prepare as if you have an exam. That is the best way to do accounts training courses. However, remember that it should be done for yourself, and the goal should always be clear. Know why you are doing the course.

Hands-on experience should always be a clear goal, and it must be fulfilled regularly.

Gaining a complete understanding is essential to executing what you learn throughout the course. Your learning must not stop after the course is over. However, that is the tip of the proverbial iceberg that is accounting and finance.

The Second Step to Accounts Training Courses: Technical Analysis

By now, you should be fully aware that accounting is a sector where experience and skills matter more than degrees. A Degree will open a door, but an accounts training course will let you climb the building that is your career. In this section, we take a look at what you need to actually become an accountant. 

What Training Is Needed For Accounting?

  • Accounts training courses should ideally cover both theory and practical learning. Although the training should ideally focus on Practical. The range of accounts training topics should cover Business Communication to Advanced Accounting Modules. The ideal range of modules should be:
  • Advanced Modules on Business Computer Applications:
    1. MS Word
    2. MS Excel
    3. MS PowerPoint
    4. MS Outlook
  • Coverage of Accounting Concepts
  • Accounts Documents and Complete preparation of Books of Accounts
  • End-to-End TallyPrime Course from Company creation  to Report Generation
  • Direct Tax Modules
  • TDS Modules
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)  Modules
  • SAP Modules
  • Business Process Modules
  • Banking and Auditing Modules

How To Get Training In Accounting?

Search for the institutes to which you want to apply for. Ideally, the idea is to choose an institution that offers an internship during the course, and a job after the course ends. Then, the process is that of filtering and sorting. 

Ideally, you should look for accounts training courses with a job guarantee. It also depends on whether you want online accounts training courses or a classroom course at an accounts training centre.

Which Course Is Best For Accounts Students?

The best accounts training courses in India should have all the modules we mentioned a few paragraphs ago. You should check if the course you chose has modules on GST, TDS, Advanced MS Office, SAP FICO, TallyPrime, and much more. Further, you should check if the course has value pan India. Moreover, you should always check if the course offers personal development and placement. 

People Pay For A Course To Learn Skills. A Job Requires Skills.

Thus, A Course Should Always Offer A Job As A Guarantee.

Which Course Is Best For Accountant Job?

From what we learnt, an accounting course that offers a job guarantee is best for an accounting job. However, there is more to a guarantee than the guarantee of it.

If you are lost after hearing this statement, we simply aim to say—Your Development Matters. Apart from preparing you for handling complete accounting nightmares, it should prepare you for the horrors of interviews and get you an internship. 

An internship will help develop and sediment your learning with income and experience. The best accounts training courses will match your investment with your income.


The Third Step to Accounts Training Courses: Cost Analysis

Are There Free Accounts Training Courses?

Yes, there are, but free accounts training courses will not make your CV valuable. Free courses will not ensure your job. They will take away your time. Free accounts training courses will give you an overview of learning without going into the depths. Even if they go into depth, there is no outright value as the knowledge is not tested thoroughly.  Although, please keep this in mind:

Your career is more valuable than a free course.

How Much Do Accounts Training Courses Cost?

Cheaper than an MBA Degree. That is all we want to say and, it is cheaper than preparing for a Chartered Accountants Exam. However, if applied properly, it can open gateways to both worlds. However, that is a tale for another day. 


What Is The Best Course In Accounting?

It all boils down to this: the elephant in the room. Which course is the best in accounting? When asked about this, some say a monkey could do an Accountant’s job provided the accountant worked at a banana plantation. While some say AI (Artificial Intelligence) will replace Accountants. However, we say all that is smoke over the water.

The present matters. Your career matters, and the future matters even more.

Cloud Computing is the Present, and it is going to be the future.

Accountants and Finance Professionals will always be in demand and the only way to get started with the future is by investing in an accounting course with a guaranteed job. That is something you can do with our Certified Industrial Accountant+ Course.


Why should you choose our Certified Industrial Accountant+ Course? 

Well, think about it. For starters, you get a 100% Job Guarantee. Secondly, you get mock interviews. Thirdly, you get everything we talked about in this article. Fourthly, we cover everything to do with your:

  • Communication Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • People Skills (Workplace behaviour) 
  • E-mail Etiquette and much more.

We do not want to toot our own horn, but we have everything you could need from accounts training courses in this accounting training course. The mode of this course can be taken in both modes: classroom and online. Among the multitudes of finance accounts training courses, our Certified Industrial Accountant Courses exist to carve you as a Finance & Accounts Professional. 

Meanwhile, we had saved the best for the last, because we offer 6 Months of Paid Internship with this course. Cannot believe us? Book a demo class today, and awaken your accounting career. 


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