Tally Training – Keyboard Shortcuts in 2 Mins!

Tally Training – Keyboard Shortcuts in 2 Mins!

Post on : March 13, 2020

Tally.ERP9 is an MS Windows-only Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, extensively utilized in the accounting industry. Deployed by no less than 16 lac users around the world, Tally training is also in high demand these days among students looking for job-oriented training programs from reputed institutes.

The software supports accounting, inventory management, order management, tax management, payroll, banking and other such requirements of a business. It handles daily processes from recording invoices to generating various Management Information System (MIS) reports.

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OK enough of the introduction, it’s time to quickly move on to the business end – Shortcuts! Yes, I mean the keys or the key combos used on a keyboard to get things done quicker than repeatedly clicking the mouse buttons for accomplishing the same tasks. 

Shortcuts have been around and flourished since the emergence of keyboard computing in the 1970s. This is mostly because geeks are always on the hunt to eke out that extra productivity by having to not lift their dominant hand from the keyboard to grab the mouse repetitively. This greatly boosts the workflow as the keyboard becomes your main playground. 

If you’re anything like me, you must have seen those movies where ‘hackers’ or ‘handlers’ of the hero (or villain) storm through the keyboard without touching the mouse at all. Yes, those scenes brought out some real self-loathing in me 😢

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Nonetheless, without any further digression let us dive straight into learning some Tally shortcuts which greatly enhance the productivity and usability of Tally.ERP9.

View the reports in automatic columns Alt + N
To remove/hide the line in a report Alt + R
To print a report Alt + P
To export the report in ASCII, Excel, HTML, PDF, XML format Alt + E
To view a detailed report ALT + F1
To create a master ALT + C
To cancel a voucher ALT + X
To insert a voucher ALT + 1
To duplicate a voucher ALT + 2
To open the GST portal in all GSTR form CTRL + O
To export return in all GSTR form CTRL + E
To toggle between invoice and voucher mode CTRL + V
To accept a form CTRL + A
To switch to the calculator CTRL + N
To select the company or to open the company F1
To select Contra Voucher F4
To select Payments Voucher F5
To remove what has been typed into the data field while preparing a voucher Esc

Hopefully, we were able to catch your fancy in what was really just a trailer! Ready to dive into the world of Tally and learn more such awesome shortcuts and hacks? Or are you already thinking about a proper Tally training course to take your skills to the next level? Well, enough of thinking – time to act now!

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