Course: Certificate in MIS Analytics

A comprehensive program for fresh Graduates & Working Professionals to build their career in Data Analytics.

It is the process of critically evaluating the information gathered from multiple sources, reconciling conflicts, decomposing high‐level information into details, abstracting up from low‐level information to a general understanding, and distinguishing user requests from the underlying true needs.

When companies need help in improving their current information system or creating a new one, they turn to the expertise of management information systems analysts, or computer systems analysts. These data professionals offer their services as either outside consultants or working in‐house.

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Course Content

Module 1- Basic & Advanced MS Excel 2016 with Dashboard

Introduction to Excel, Basic Understanding Menu and Toolbar | Lookup, VLookup & HLookup | VLookup using Array formula, Dynamic / Reverse VLookup, Index & Match function | Advanced Filter and Custom Sorting | Create Dynamic Graph & Chart | Advanced Filter | Advanced Pivot Table | Grouping/Ungrouping | Combining Data from Multiple Sheets | Extract data page wise | Use Slicer /Time Line | Spark line | Preparation of Dashboard | Using camera tools for Dashboard | Using Interactive Control in Excel Dashboards (Scroll bar, Check Box, Radio Button, Drop Down list, etc) | Dashboard using Power BI Tools | Data Validation | Number & Conditional Formatting | Protection | Goal Seek, Solver, Scenario, Data Table | Logical Functions | Financial Functions | Create web Query link MS excel with any Website | Recorded Macros /Edit Macros | Relative Cell References | Viewing a Macro Module | Executing Macros

Live Project 1, 2 & 3

Module 2- VBA Programming using MS Excel

Introduction to VBA Programming | Understanding The VBA Editor | Understanding Macro Code | Variables and Data Types in VBA | VBA Operators and Expressions | Conditional Statement if..Then..else | Looping Statement / Repeating Actions with a Loop | Creating Functions with VBA | Arrays | Events – driven programming in VBA | Excel Object Model (Properties, Methods, Events, Collections Worksheets, Workbooks, Ranges (Cells), Charts) | Creating User Form | Protect VBA Code | Create ADD Ins

Live Project 4

Module 3- MS Access 2016

Exploring the Microsoft Access Environment | Designing a Database | Building a Table & Linking Tables (Defining Primary Keys, Linking Tables ) | Managing Data in a Table | Importing and exporting the data | Creating and Using Queries (Parameterised Query, Cross tab Query, Find Duplicate) | Action Query (Update/Delete/Select/Append Query) | Designing a Form | Designing a Report | Automating tasks with Macros and VBA | Setting up an Access Web App | Building Basic Web Apps | Access Options relating to Multi-user Issues | Record Locking

Live Project 5

Module 4- SQL (Structured Query Language) using SQL Server

SQL Fundamental | Creating Tables Using SQL | Protecting Data | Improving performance | Manipulating Data (DML) | Controlling Transactions | SELECT Statement in SQL | From and Where Clause | Multiple Tables Query using Joins | Combining results | Functions in SQL | Creating Nested Queries

Live Project 6

Module 5- Orientation on Corporate Skills

Self Management | Business Correspondence Skills | Introduction of Corporate Lifestyle | Mock Drill Sessions

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